Free Nail Polish from Essie and Pama Liqueur

Pama Liqueur, makers of pomegranate flavored liqueur (yum), have teamed up with Essie for November’s National Pomegranate Month to create a gorgeous deep pomegranate red polish. I’ll have swatches and a review of this color soon but you can get your own free bottle of the limited edition Essie Pama right now by signing up on Pama’s website.

As a side note, if you love pomegranate as I do, poke around on Pama’s website after you sign up for the free polish. In addition to a recipe for Pomegranate Mimosas, they have step by step instructions on how to open a pomegranate. I always knew I was doing it wrong.


18 Responses to “Free Nail Polish from Essie and Pama Liqueur”

  1. Katee Says:

    Good! Did you find out about this on my site or through my MUA posting?

  2. Deborah Says:

    Yay! Free NP- can’t wait :)

  3. diana Says:

    Thanks so much! I went on over and registered. It looks like a nice, vampy red. :)

  4. pretear Says:

    Katee – I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER steal information from another blogger without crediting them, EVER. Pama sent me the promotional nail polish a few weeks ago and the email containing the link today.

    Deb – Free nail polish is always a plus!

    Diana – It’s very pretty – you’ll love it.

  5. Katee Says:

    Sorry, didn’t think I was saying that. I was just wondering how you heard about it :) I hope you enjoy yours! yay free polish for everyone!!!

  6. Brooke Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Free nails polish – believe I will ;)

  7. pretear Says:

    Katee – Then maybe you need to word things a little differently. Obviously, companies contact several bloggers about promotions – not just you.

    Brooke – : P Exactly.

  8. Katee Says:

    Again, I apologize.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Free Polish!! :) The color looks nice, can’t wait. How long till after u signed up did you wait to receive yours FP?

  10. Emily Says:

    i have a question!

    so i went on the site and signed up and all that happened was a screen that said ‘thankyou for your interest in pama liqeur” or something of that nature. that was it
    does that mean i automatically recieve it in the mail?
    or do i have to do something else as well to get it?

  11. EllieM Says:

    Thanks for the info, It’s a lovely color. I went & signed up.

  12. Casey Says:

    Thank you!

  13. pretear Says:

    Michelle – I actually got mine before the promotion started so I’m not sure, but I’m assuming that it will take a few weeks. Let me know what you think when you get yours. : )

    Emily – I’m pretty sure that’s all that is required. So you should have Essie Pama in your hands very soon. ^.^

    EllieM – Yeay!

    Casey – No problem. : )

  14. Holly Says:

    Boo! They are out of free samples at pama’s website! darn.

  15. pretear Says:

    : ( Yea. I was going to swatch it for you guys yesterday but I thought that would be cruel and unusual since it’s no longer available.

  16. Cory Says:
    I found the article above when I looked up to see what pama liqeuer was, and went out and bought it after reading the review. It’s bitter on its own, but works great for fruity drinks.

  17. Christy Says:

    Yay, I received mine today! Cute color. I think I’ll sport it for Thanksgiving!

  18. pretear Says:

    Awesome! : )

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