Charcoal Gray Comparisons

CND Black Platinum and Zoya Freja are pretty close but not the same. Black Platinum is slightly more frosty and metallic. Freja has a slightly more bluish tinge. CND Hyde in the Dark has the best coverage of the bunch, it two coats where all the others (except for Dying Love) looked best with three. It’s my favorite from this bunch. Color Club After Hours gave me some cuticle drag issues. That didn’t happen to me before when I swatched this color so I’m going to blame my haste in painting. Finally, Misa Dying Love is the darkest from this set, close too black. It also had great coverage at two coats.


Disclosure: After Hours and Dying Love were sent to me for review by their respective companies.


10 Responses to “Charcoal Gray Comparisons”

  1. dami Says:

    i need the CND and I now have major swappers remorse over Freja.

  2. vbie3714 Says:

    TYSM for posting this! Grays/Charcoals/blacks are my favorites. I would probably wear HiTD more if it weren’t for the drying time :-/ It’s my favorite, actually. Do ya have Essie Over the Top to compare also? Just curious :-)

  3. Brooke Says:

    I have the CND Hyde in the Dark – and it has always done wonderfully for me. My nails are actually painted with CND Deep Velvet right now, it is another very pretty purple color.

  4. HaileyCosmic Says:

    I really like Dying for love. Not that I need another almost black color.

  5. pretear Says:

    Dami – I feel you. I almost want to stop swapping completely. Even when I *hate* a color I still get swappers remorse when I see it again in someone else’s pics. lol.

    vbie – I do have Over the Top. If I remember correctly, it’s darker that the grays but less dark that Dying Love.

    Brooke – I’m going to miss CND. : (

    HaileyCosmic – I like it a lot too but I’m also inundated with almost black grays lol.

  6. Lydia Says:

    O! the CND looks so shiny! Do you have a topcoat on too?

  7. pretear Says:

    Nope, no top coat. : )

  8. Amber Says:

    I have been looking for Creative’s Black Platnium everywhere! I can’t find it. Salons…amazon…online, at the website. I can’t seem to find it. Any recommendations? Ooh! I went on a polish shopping spree! I bought “Eiffel for this Color”, “Light My Saffire”, “Sheer Your Toys” and Essies “Shift Power”. Although, I think I need a tan before I can wear the last one. :/

  9. Amber Says:

    n/m I just answered my own question.

  10. pretear Says:

    lol okay, well just in case, as far as I know you have to get this in a pack with another color and H2T has them.

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