Reader Request: Lippmann Nefertiti

Some of you might not know this but I do take requests. If I have the color you want to see, I’ll get it up as soon as I can, even though I’m not as speedy as Scrangie is with her requests. Lippmann Nefertiti was recently requested by a woman looking for a good gold. Nefertiti is slightly lighter and less foil-like than OPI I Get a Kick Out of Gold. It’s very appropriately named. This shade of gold is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian sarcophagi. The texture is antique-ish, fairly unique. It’s not rough to the touch but it has a rough looking texture, almost matte. As far as application – I was impressed. Very easy to apply, perfect in two coats.

For this manicure I used one coat of Color Club Stuck on You, two coats of Lippmann Nefertiti, and one coat of Lippmann Addicted to Speed. Ever since Lippmann included a mini Addicted to Speed in the very popular Party Like a Rock Star mini set, everyone has been raving about it non-stop. All the hype made me decide to cheat on my Holy Grail, Seche Vite. Addicted to Speed dries *alot* faster, amazingly so. All the other common seche beefs were absent as well, no bubbles, no tip pull even with no tip wrapping. Addicted to Speed has a no fuss application that might be easier for people who have not yet mastered the application of Seche Vite. It’s not as glossy as Seche, which might actually appeal to some people. It’s worth the money though I admit that it’s a bit of a splurge. I’m going to hoard my bottle for as long as I can.


13 Responses to “Reader Request: Lippmann Nefertiti”

  1. Katee Says:

    That looks like a really pretty gold!

  2. Outspokenwallflower Says:

    I have a request! Can I see you swatch Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad?! I’d love to see your pics of it. =D

    BTW, that gold looks divine on you. =D

  3. Brooke Says:

    Loving this color of gold. Lippmann polish might be about the only one I would splurge on. There are several colors of theirs that I really really like.

  4. Sanna Says:

    Oh, god I love that one!
    I want both OPI IGAKOOG and this! “Hard to get” for me of course! ahh! so pretty!

  5. Anna Says:

    it is the best gold i ever saw. with the gold it is usually a problem that it just does not look right. at least on me. too light. but this looks really promissing.
    if you can accept one question – i also looking for THE PERFECT red, not pink-red or burgandy. but something very classical. someone said Chanel should have the very red. if you have time some day for that, i would love you analysing reds.
    I usually use OPI and Lippmann collection. But have not seen perfect reds in them. at least what i can find in the shops in the country where i live.

  6. pretear Says:

    Katee – It’s a good gold.

    Outspokenwallflower – : ( I don’t have Good Girl Gone Bad. If I ever get it I’ll definitely put it up for you.

    Brooke – Lippmann is a great brand, definitely worth the splurge.

    Sanna – This is a really good alternative until you can procure IGaKOoG. : P

    Anna – Have you tried OPI Vodka & Caviar? I’ll try to hook you up with some red comparisons soon.

  7. andie Says:

    oooh reader requests – i want me some more lippmann. do you have Just Walk Away Renee and Believe? Also wondering if you have any of their sheers? i.e. Before he cheats….THANKS again (=

  8. melli Says:

    I love Nefertiti, but haven’t splurged yet. I do have Sally Hansen Salon Guilty Pleasure, which looks really similar…if I buy Nefertiti, I will swatch them both and put them up on the Nail Gallery. Thanks for the post, Stephanie!

  9. Ninarz Says:

    that is one ferosh color, oh em f’n gee!

  10. pretear Says:

    Andie – I don’t have those but I’m going to try to pick them up soon. : )

    Melli – Yes please do so, it’s always nice to get some cheaper alternatives to these great (although pricey) colors.

    Ninarz – lol. Girl, you crack me up.

  11. Deepo Says:

    Pretty gold , but then I love Lippmann. got the mini set and love Addicted to Speed. But i also just tried Sally Hansen’s speed shine and it’s pretty good – jewel like shine and dried nicely in 30 seconds.

  12. pretear Says:

    Hmm… I keep cheating on Seche, but I really have to try Speed Shine now. Thanks for the heads up. : )

  13. Penny Rivenbark Says:

    Trying to locate Making Whoopee by Lippmann

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