The OPI My Private Jet Controversy

OPI My Private Jet is definitely in the top half of my top 20 favorite polishes of all time. Released with the OPI Night Brights in 2007, My Private Jet has recently gone the way of the Dodo. Rather, OPI has made the baffling decision to discontinue this most beloved color. When we caught wind that this color was discontinued, most girls decided to pick up an extra bottle for posterity. It was around that time that the color discrepancy between the original batches of My Private Jet and the more recent batches became apparent.

The original MPJ is large bright dense prismatic holographic glitter suspended is semi-jelly-ish charcoal polish. The color is not exactly black, but pretty close. I’ve always preferred wearing it with 4 coats to build the opacity of the base color. Other girls circumvent the multiple coats but layering the original over black or charcoal. The new MPJ is more opaque, lighter colored, with finer less prismatic holographic glitter.

It’s hard to tell the difference in this photo but I assure you, they’re not very similar at all. This swatch is 4 coats of the original MPJ and 3 coats of the new MPJ. I could have easily gotten away with 2 coats on New MPJ but I’ve evolved into a habitual 3 coater, I can’t stop myself. I do like the new version, but the old version is always going to have a special place in my stash.


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  1. Katee Says:

    Craziness!! The New MPJ almost looks like the glitter is plain pink in the picture rather than holo.

  2. Mariah Says:

    Oh no way! That’s not cool. We need to rally. I seriously want MPJ more than Zulu, so we need to petition OPI and tell them what’s up.

  3. Sanna Says:

    I’m so glad I have the old or should I say the real MPJ! I hate when “they” do this; two different polishes and one name. I think it’s so annoying. Both are pretty, but the real MPJ will always be close to my heart:)

  4. Melanie Says:

    I adore MPJ; it’s one of my favorites. I cannot believe that OPI has decided to discontinue this fabulous color. Sometimes I think all these companies are ran by chimpanzees or something.

  5. sg Says:

    you know, that’s so bizarre. Last week I ordered MPJ from 8ty8 and I got my haul in the mail a few days ago… I got the holo version. I wonder where I can get the newer one. Strangely enough, I want to have both. lol

  6. Melanie Says:

    And another thing. How are we, as consumers, supposed to develop any faith in these nail polish companies when you never know what the polish will look like from batch to batch? Half the ones you get are duds. My bottle of La Boheme doesn’t look at all like others I’ve seen. There should be WAY more consistency in formulation, especially considering how many of us purchase sight unseen from etailers. ARRGGHHH!

  7. Rara Avis Says:

    Hello there Polish Addict,
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog this weekend and must say I admire it. But as a basic question where do you guys get this nail polish? I meant there hues and colors are not to be found in regular drug stores. Do you purchase them online? and if you do, how do you know how it will look on you?

    Also, can you recommend sites, if you buy online, to purchase these diverse array of colors?

    Many thanks
    Rara Avis

  8. Brooke Says:

    This color is not one that I own, but I like it.

  9. Sminkan Says:

    Damn, I got the new one… *sigh*

  10. pretear Says:

    Katee – Yea, it’s nuts.

    Mariah – OPI isn’t very responsive to consumer demands. At this point the best thing I can tell you is to pick up an extra bottle.

    Sanna – Me too. : )

    Melanie – Yea exactly. I suppose the problem is that people love their reds and pinks and outside the nail polish community people don’t appreciate colors like this. : ( And I feel you as to the color discrepancies, recently Zoya sent out a press release explaining why this occurs. They say it’s out of the company’s control because they rely of pigment distributors. I don’t know how true that is though.

    Sg – Yea, the originally is definitely still available, I recently got an extra from an e-tailer as well. I got my newer version from a Trade Secret.

    Rara – I pretty much only buy nail polish online, you’re right, most of the colors you’ll see on my site aren’t available in drug stores. I don’t know how the colors will look on me until I try them on, but that’s why sites like mine exist – to help you guys figure out your purchases. I shop primarily at these places:,, Check out my links bar for other websites like my own that can help you with your purchases.

    Brooke – You need it for sure. : P

    Sminkan – Nooooo. : (

  11. kayce Says:

    you should do a comparison of the original china glaze ruby pumps next to the new one that’s released in the sleigh ride trio set.

  12. Tara Says:

    Gee, that explains a lot. I had been trying to hunt down MPJ forever in my local stores and finally found a bottle (and bought it without inspecting it). I thought I had gotten a dud or a mislabeled bottle, because it’s just dark grey with silver glitter… Oh well, maybe someone else will release another black holo :(

  13. pretear Says:

    Kayce – My bottle of RP is from the new collex, it doesn’t seem very different but I’ve heard a few girls thinking that it might be.

    Tara – : (… I think that’s unlikely, but the holo MPJ is still pretty available, it’s worth it to keep searching. : )

  14. HaileyCosmic Says:

    I am an older MPJ lover myself. I do not like the newer. Why does OPI do this? Chapel of love, Bubble Bath, the list goes on of 2 versions.

  15. pretear Says:

    Yea, I’m planning on posting the different Bubble Baths soon – they are completely different colors it’s amazing.

  16. Pixelpig Says:

    And I just found the explanation to the mysterious fact that a lot of trusted nail gals thought this “not very interesting silver black” worth a lot of praise! Obviously, I have a dude as well! :-(

  17. Honey Says:

    I love MPJ, but it isn’t charcoal on me, it’s kind of a deep purpleish brown, unless I wear it over black polish. I’m going to have to get another bottle before it disappears. Darn you OPI!

  18. pretear Says:

    Pixelpig – : ( yea, unfortunately that is probably the case.

    Honey – I’ve heard girls describe the newer version that way. Does yours have a lot of holo to it?

  19. Honey Says:

    Mine has a decent amount of holo in it, but it’s definitely pansy-brown on me. I don’t mind, because it makes it more neutral and wearable on me.

  20. pretear Says:

    Hmm. I’m intrigued by this brown version – I want it lol.

  21. Sarah Says:

    That’s so funny. I literally just finished painting my nails with MPJ when I decided to have a skim through your blog (which I read occasionally). I bought it last week in Trade Secret when on holiday in the US (you can find it in the UK, but it’s sooo expensive – around the £10 mark (around $17-18), plus postage sometimes). I’d seen it in magazines and coveted it for ages but I’m disappointed by the reality. It’s a pretty colour, but I was imagining a shimmery charcoal grey, and mine is more of a browny, sparkly colour. Pretty, but not what I thought it was. The sparkle is definitely holographic, though.

    If you want it, they had plenty in Trade Secret in Richmond, VA. :)

    I want the original version though! I’m just going to have to settle with the two charcoal colours from the Christmas collection… I’ve asked my American friends to nab them for me when they’re in stores.

  22. pretear Says:

    Whoa. That is expensive. The originals are still floating around so I’m sure someone will be able to find it for you. : )

  23. firepail Says:

    I just bought the new and old version at a store yesterday–so weird that they were selling them side by side!

  24. Fashionista Says:

    Does anyone know where you can buy the multicoloured holo one online? Thanks!!

  25. pretear Says:

    Firepail – Awesome. It’s great that you got to see the differences first hand. : )

    Fashionista – It’s going to be hit or miss but last I heard was still shipping the original.

  26. Denny Says:

    How do you know if you’ve got the original or a new one? I just ordered on from ebay and I really enjoyed all of the “sparkle”.

  27. pretear Says:

    If you have a lot of the holographic effect it’s the original, if you only have a slight or no holographic effect is the newer version.

  28. Denny Says:

    Thanks Pretear for the response on the original MPJ.

  29. pretear Says:

    No problem. : )

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  31. rasilla Says:

    So I’ve been wanting this for awhile, seeing as it is utterly gorgeous…but didn’t know there was two types!
    I have do a holo effect on mine (similar holo effect as ChG GR8), but its more purple brown. Plus I looked at the under side of the bottle, and I have A102008VU! so I guess I do have the newer one, seeing as this collection was released in 2007? Anyway thanks for the swatches and for the comparison!

  32. Allee Says:

    So Color Club release a polish in Spring called Revvvolution… apparently it is quite similar. If anyone tries it out let us know :)

  33. Danica Says:

    Okay, weird! I got my MPJ from 8ty8 beauty and it was the new, boring version! Just be safe and get it in stores. I think I saw the holo version at Trade Secret – I don’t know why I got it online. Amateur mistake!

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  35. tortoisegirl Says:

    i just yesterday got a version that looks in the bottle to be metallic coppery brown with silver glitter. once applied, however, you can see that it is holographic, but it’s *very* subtle. also the background color appears grey, brown, or burgundy-ish depending on the light. i kind of like it myself, but it’s not my new favorite.

  36. Jackie Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I was beggining to think there was something wrong with my eyes! lol! I’m arriving so late to the nail polish world, that I decided to catch up based on gurus recs and most wanted colors. I recently order MPJ and when I opended the package just went “HUH?! Is this what they all rave about?? Brownish something with silver glitter??” Let me tell you, the new MPJ looks so duh on my nails that I could’n belive we were talking about the same color. And obviuosly we weren’t! I feel so relived LOL

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  38. Melis Says:

    I absolutely love this nail polish! I never had the old version so I don’t know the difference… but the new was is great! It is a dark grey with some glitter.

  39. Sabrina Says:

    I can’t figure out if mine is the old or new one :/ But i bought it just last month

  40. Holly Says:

    Melis:i think you have the old one! lucky thing.
    I just got the new one, and its just brown with white pieces of glitter in… :(

  41. James Page Says:

    This really confused me. For a second I couldn’t work out what nail polish had to do with private jet hire, but then it all clicked. Lolz

  42. MaryBeth Says:

    I also am pretty disappointed with the new “My Private Jet”. When I got it in the mail, I even checked the label on the bottom to see if they mailed the wrong color!! I am a huge fan of holographic nail polish(especially China Glaze)and I was hoping for the REAL one. Why would OPI do this? Now it looks like brown, with hardly any glitter. I tried it on one nail, 3 coats. I wasn’t crazy about it.

  43. Alexa Says:

    I have the original MPJ! I didn’t even realize it was so rare, haha. I got it years ago to wear to a middle school dance. :P

    It’s a really pretty polish, but unfortunately it doesn’t shine much on my nails unless they’re in direct light. Often when I show it to my friends it just looks sparkly. I’ve only been using 2-3 coats, though, with no base, so that might explain why. :)

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