Polish Addict Weekend Reminders

We’re still running the Color Club Franken Polish Contest. I decided to extend the entry date until Halloween. The people who entered so far have some amazing custom mixes, but we need more entries! I’m happy to announce that the judges for the contest will be myself, Scrangie, and Dami of Perfect Polish Tips.

We’re also still running the Give Us Zulu Campaign! If you haven’t signed it the petition yet, please do so! If you feel the way I do about Zulu, get the word out!


5 Responses to “Polish Addict Weekend Reminders”

  1. Sminkan Says:

    Hi! i tried to show how my gems sit on the nail, embedded in top coat on some new pictures. And I even wrote a little text in english. First time I do that on my blog. Hope it helps.
    I’ll remove it later, but I wanted to give you a proper reply.

  2. pretear Says:

    Thank you Sminkan!! : )

  3. Melanie Says:

    Hey, Pretear! This is the reply I got from Kym Davis at NARS: “Just as an FYI regarding Zulu, we currently do not have any plans to bring it back in to the line… However, Mr. Nars is working on several new shades and we may bring it back for a limited edition re-promote in the near future…. Keep checking the website and your local NARS counter…. It is a top shade consideration for a limited edition re-promote.” So hopefully we can stalk the NARS site and get a re-release bottle. But I still can’t understand why they won’t return Zulu to the core line.

  4. pretear Says:

    : ( Unfortunately, that’s their form email they created for people who ask about Zulu. They’ve sent the same exact one to several people. I don’t know whether it’s actually true or not. NARS CS is really dropping the ball on this one.

  5. Katee Says:

    I just signed the petition!!

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