By Popular Demand: Adorée Dark Browns

Since the consensus seems to be that dark chocolaty browns are much loved, here are the two dark browns that were recently released with the new fall colors by Adorée.

Adoree 247, a darkish milk chocolate creme, is the lighter of two dark browns. Excellent application. This is 2 coats.

Adoree 248[1. Please excuse the embarassing stray polish marks on my palm. My laziness knows no bounds.] , my current NOTD, is a dark chocolate brown. 248 is as dark as Misa Passion for Fashion, the difference is that Passion for Fashion is a redder dark brown. For this mani, I used Barielle Camo as the base, 2 coats of color, and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I usually only use Camo for polishes with problematic application but this time I’m using it because I started a nail whitening treatment, Dr. G’s, recommended by Scrangie. It’s working, but now I’m afraid of wearing dark colors and setting my progress back. Camo is supposed to prevent yellowing so I’m using it in conjunction with the whitening treatment. I’ll post about Dr. G’s whitening product soon.

Adoree is available from Esther’s Nail Center in the U.S. and Pro Nail Store in Europe, specifically Sweden.


Disclosure: 247 and 248 were sent to me for review by Ether’s Nail Center.


17 Responses to “By Popular Demand: Adorée Dark Browns”

  1. melli Says:

    Thanks for posting these, they are stunning! I was just looking at Esther’s nails and noticed under the international shipping section that they will not ship Adoree and Nubar nail polishes, because they are classified as dangerous goods. Do you know why that may be the case? I will probably email them to find out, because I am curious. If so, really makes it hard, if not impossible, for those of us outside the US to purchase these. That’s okay, I can still look at your swatches :).

  2. Katee Says:

    248 is FABULOUS!! I’ve never tried Adoree. Those bottles look HUGE!! How big are they?

  3. Scrangie Says:

    Ooooh. I feel an order coming on!

  4. Deborah Says:

    Me too, these are nice Stephanie…. I dont have any adoree yet….Im with Scrangie….I feel an order coming on… :)

  5. pretear Says:

    Melli – That’s *so* weird, I could have sworn I replied to you yesterday. Yea, it’s a huge bummer that Esther doesn’t ship overseas. I’m not sure why they have that policy, other companies ship nail polish abroad. Have you tried Pro Nail? They’re in Sweden and they should ship across Europe.

    Katee – It’s 18mL.

    Scrangie – I think you’ll love this brand. They have super unique colors with funny names (Salmon Stream? lol.)

    Deborah – I really like Adoree a lot, it’s definitely an underrated, under appreciated brand. : )

  6. Katee Says:

    Thanks! So those bottles are bigger – 3 ml bigger than OPI

  7. melli Says:

    Hee…there may be two of us with the same webname :). Thanks for the info on Pro Nail…alas, I am in Canada, so they won’t ship to me. I will live vicariously through you and the lovely nail bloggers in Europe, though, and it will also save my wallet!

  8. Brooke Says:

    Looks like little bottles of chocolate ;)

  9. Ninarz Says:

    I can’t wear those shades. I would get confused and nibble on my finger tips all day.

  10. Sminkan Says:

    Well, I love dark brown polish and you made me fall in love with Adorée… But no! I have already far to many dark brown creams. No more, I say, no more! At least not yet. November could be a godd time to order… ;D

  11. Sminkan Says:

    And of course I mean good, not godd. God, I spell bad… :D

  12. Lo Says:

    OMG I LOVED THESE!!!!! but we should all be ecofriendly and get organic nail polisshes like the ones theyre giving out on the ! 10 free nail polishes!!!!!! WOW

  13. Jason Says:

    Dr. G’s Nail Whitener does work! I use it about every two weeks, leaving it on a bit longer than the instructions suggest (about 15 minutes) Because the amount of Peroxiode in it is a little on the weak side. Oh by the way, you can mix it off the nail as long as you apply it right away (I never figured out how to mix it on the nail anyway!). I’ve also found that a stiff toothbrush works better than the one they supply in the package.

    Hope it works for you S!

  14. pretear Says:

    Melli – : ( Aw. Are you a member of the nail board? A lot of girls there (myself included) do custom purchases for our Canadian comrades.

    Brooke – Exactly. : P

    Ninarz – Mmmm choocolattttyyy gooooooodnesss. *Home-drool*

    Sminkan – I feel ya, I own 9 trillion chocolaty browns. I can’t stop myself. lol.

    Jason – I left mine on for about 10 minutes the first time I did it and it started to hurt. It hurt for the whole next day too. : (! What am I doing wrong?

  15. melli Says:

    Thanks Stephanie! I probably should join…is it the MUA board or the NailGal boards (let me know which)? I appreciate that you are willing to buy for Canadian gals, and may take you up on that offer…when my no-buy phase is over :).

    Thanks again…how is the job search going btw?? I wish you all the best!

  16. pretear Says:

    It’s the MUA nail board. : ) The job search is going very well. I had the second round of interviews for a job I really want last week. I think it went really well, if it did, there is one more round where I’ll meet with the State Attorney (the big boss). I’m pretty excited. Thank you for remembering. <3

  17. Pinkpj Says:

    Adoree are fab! While I lived abroad I always used a parcel forwarding co for allt hose little things that US online stores couldn’t ship to UK (where I lived back then) I really like this co called Shipito. They give great iinternational shipping rates, very cheap and definately fast! Try them out!

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