Vampy Goodness, Sort Of: Color Club Fast Woman

I *love* Color Club Fast Woman. Normally, I’d classify this color as a straight up vampy but it’s actually a really deep brilliant red. I suppose the distinction is irrelevant because this color is obviously well within the vampy realm. Colors like this can only be described as disgustingly gorgeous, period. For this mani, I used one coat of Color Club Stuck on You, 3 coats of Fast Woman, 1 coat of Seche Vite. It applied well, no complaints. Fast Woman is from the Color Club In the Fast Lane Collection which also includes another great vampy, Color Club Killer Curves. I plan to swatch the entire collection soon, so stay tuned.


Disclosure: The Fast Lane collection, which contained Fast Woman, was sent to me for review by Color Club.


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  1. Andie Says:

    i have to ask because you have so many gorgeous vampies – which one is your favorite dark brilliant red jelly vampy? i have SOOOOO many, and I’m still looking for the BEST one…any thoughts? i thought it would be RBL Atame, but it’s a bit too dark and matte, and NARS chinatown is a nice jelly, but also too dark. Then some of the fall zoyas are just too red, not dark enough…..argh.
    Could color club be The One? thanks!!

  2. Catie Says:

    That is a beautiful color. My favorite vamp color is RBL Atame, although Black Russian is a close second.

    I have to ask, do you do your own nails? Your mani is so perfect, I’d love to know your technique. My nails are shaped very much like yours, and I struggle with, of course, brush size, type of cap, polish quality, like everyone else. But your nails always look perfectly done. Any tips you care to share? :)

  3. Sanna Says:

    Oooh, I love that!
    How are the wearing time for CC polishes with CC Stuck on You as a base?

  4. Jason Says:

    I was at lunch today and saw a woman wearing this color (or a very close match to it), and my eyes were constantly drawn to it. You are right Pretear, it was gossy and gorgeous. Good call!

  5. Jason Says:

    As Catie asks above, I am also interested in how you keep your bases and cuticles so perfect (what is your typical prep regime and the products that you use). They look like almost they are artificial, they are so consistently perfect!

  6. Katee Says:


  7. pretear Says:

    Andie – Ahhh. To be honest, I don’t have a favorite red vampy only because I own so many. I’m not saying they’re all so similar it’s not worth it to own many but one doesn’t really stick out in my mind. If I ever do come across the perfect one that sticks out to me, I’ll definitely post it.

    Catie – Aw, thanks, I do them myself. Sadly there are no sticks. : ( It’s definitely just a product of a lot of practice – even so I still mess up a lot. lol.

    Sanna – I’ve had pretty good luck with it so far. I’m actually using it as my default base coat right now.

    Jason – You’re pretty skilled yourself, I’m the one that needs tips from you. : ) I’m going to post about this soon I promise.

    Katee – Thanks.

  8. Rachell Says:

    I just discovered these vamps:Misa “Stiletto” and Dashing Diva “Dark Tempest”!…I like that they have plum(DD) and brown (Misa) bases. I ordered Zoya “casey” a couple of times; I’m knida over it now…I don’t like my vamps too dark! I also ordered Misa “Love Bite”…but I’m not a fan of reddish vamps anymore…though it’s a “twin” to a former favortie…Essie “Wicked”.

  9. Catty Says:

    umm ,, may i know the difference between fast woman and killer curve ? they looks pretty similiar !

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