OPI Holiday in Toyland Swatches Part II

I guess it’s somewhat ironic that I’m posting the OPI Holiday in Toyland collection reds during the Presidential debate. Don’t take it the wrong way – this blog is *all* blue for Barack. In any case, here are the swatches, 3 shimmery reds and 3 red cremes. You guys know I’m not a huge fan of shimmery reds so in recognition of the fact that I am in the vast minority, I’m going to keep most of my comments restricted to descriptions and observations.

OPI Rosy Mistletoe-sies is a frosty, shimmery magenta toned red. My image does not reflect the true shimmeriness of this polish.

OPI A Ruby For Rudolph is a very *very* shimmery, dare I say… sparkly red. The shimmer in this color is actually fairly unique in the sense that it has a strange chunky quality.

OPI Don’t Toy With Me, a burgundy with magenta toned shimmer, is definitely my favorite from the shimmery red set. I needed 3 coats for this color, all the other colors in this collection looked very good with two coats.

OPI Girls Just Want To Play is the lightest red in the bunch. It’s a coral red that in my opinion leans towards an orange tone but I wouldn’t call it orange-y. The cremes in this collection did not have the high gloss finish that usually pretty standard for OPI cremes.

OPI Little Red Wagon is the darkest (and bluest) red creme in the set. This is a traditional red – very pretty.

OPI Red Hot Gift is the medium toned red in the creme set. There are some very subtle blue undertones. I’d say this color is a shade or so darker than OPI Thrill of Brazil.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by OPI.


22 Responses to “OPI Holiday in Toyland Swatches Part II”

  1. Lina-Elvira Says:

    This swatches are amazing :) I previously thought, just reds and pinks but I really actually want Rosy Mistletoe-sies and Don’t toy with me.

  2. pretear Says:

    Don’t Toy With Me is definitely worth it. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Ninarz Says:

    Ooo, A Ruby for Rudolph is a little sparkley. I like it!

  4. The World's Dresser Says:

    Why must you always tempt me? I want them all!!

  5. Sanna Says:

    OOhhh, I love reds, you know that:)
    A Ruby For Rudolph (omg it’s stunning) & Don’t Toy With Me are must haves for me!

  6. Brooke Says:

    I’m L-O-V-I-N-G the Ruby for Rudolph!! My favorite of the bunch.

  7. pretear Says:

    Ninarz – : P I can hook you up with a RfR mani for Christmas if you so desire. : )

    The World’s Dresser – I know, I’m a horrible person. lol.

    Sanna – I think you’ll like both a lot, but me DTwM is the stand out. I’m definitely wearing that one during the holidays.

    Brooke – Seems like aRfR is a fan favorite from this collex. : )

  8. Zorba Says:

    All of the reds look great on your nails. Yahoooo!

  9. pretear Says:

    Thank you. : )

  10. Hailey Says:

    Why did you have to group all the red color together? This is like temptation post for me! I must look away…but they are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alison Says:

    I love the sparkly, shimmery reds they are all beautiful! Your nails are gorgeous and I find that your pictures are more true to life than other blogs, so a huge Thankyou for all of your effort it is greatly appreciated.

    What is the application like for glamour game as scrangie said it was streaky?

  12. pretear Says:

    Hailey – lol, I know you’ll love these.

    Alison – Thank you! I didn’t have any trouble with GG – but it’s not unheard of for some bottles to be streaky and others not. If you get it, let me know how it applies for you.

  13. Dawn Says:

    Thank you for the swatches and review! ‘A Ruby For Rudolph’ is, I think, a red glitter, hence the ‘chunky’ texture you noticed. I am wearing this on my toe nails right now… this is a great pedicure red.

  14. layla Says:

    hello, i’m thinking of grabbing Don’t Toy With me!
    but i’m not a fan of red RED (if you get what i mean). i prefer a darker tone one like the swatch you have shown. but would you say the colour is closer to your swatch of scrangie’s? scrangie’s brighter and redder than yours.

  15. Py Says:

    Love your pictures and appreciate your comments :)

  16. Ish Says:

    Don’t toy with me looks so much like Chanel red dream on your pic. i would dare say they’re twins, tho i don’t own the chanel anymore so i can’t say fo sho

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  18. pretear Says:

    Dawn – Yea, that’s possible – it is very chunky for shimmer.

    Layla – Oh hmm… well it’s hard to tell because we have different skin tones and use different lighting for our images. I think mine is pretty close to the true color because my camera picks up red pretty well.

    Py – Thank you. : )

    Ish – Oooh… really? I’m always on the look out for Chanel dupes so I can stick it to the man. lol.

  19. deep Says:

    hello again i m also intrested in dont toy with me can u plz e-mail me tellin watu r intersted in ?

  20. Mariel Says:

    I paired Don’t Toy With Me! over an Essie polish (Wiked) which is kind of close to We’ll Always Have Paris by OPI.
    I didn’t like it as light at it was, so I put it over that dark dark brownish purple. The result is dark dark dark purple-black that shines a deep purple-pink. Bad ass. I highly recommend!

  21. Dream Mom Says:

    I love “A Ruby for Rudolph”. It appears darker on my nails than yours in the picture; regardless, it comes very close to topping China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps on my nails. (Don’t worry, Ruby Pumps is still my number one red.)

    Love your blog. Please keep posting.

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