Zoya Casey: The Most Gorgeous Vampy *EVER*

Holy &*%^. Zoya Casey is by the far the prettiest vampy I’ve ever seen, ever. It’s a deep deep deep deep jelly-like ultra glossy plum with a red base. The color is an ‘almost black’ which normally would irritate me to no end but there is just something alluring about this color, dramatic and intense. My ultimate test for nail polish is whether a color makes me continuously stare down at my nails. Casey definitely caused some major mani rubbernecking. Despite my nail polish ADD, I didn’t want to remove Casey. This is one for the top 20 list for sure. For this manicure, I used Zoya Anchor for the base, 3 coasts of Casey, and Seche Vite as the top coat.

Casey is a rediscovered color. I’ve had it in my stash forever. The downside to having so much nail polish is that good colors tend to get lost in the mess. So I have a new system. I have all my untried polishes listed in an excel spreadsheet. Then I use this website (http://random.org/integers/) to randomly select a number. I wear whatever color corresponds to the randomly selected number – Casey was the first manicure I selected in that fashion.


16 Responses to “Zoya Casey: The Most Gorgeous Vampy *EVER*”

  1. Liz Says:

    Gorgeous! I would love it if you *did* post your top 20 someday! :)

  2. Sminkan Says:

    It looks really beautiful!

  3. Kristy Says:

    New to your blog, and loving it! That color is fantastic!!!

  4. firepail Says:

    that looks amazing. maybe I will purchase it with my coupon code!

  5. PolishJunkie82 Says:

    I agree 100% percent that color is GORGEOUS Zoya does have the best color selection out there so it doesn’t surprise me with this one!!!!

  6. Sanna Says:

    simply amazing! I “need” more Zoyas

  7. Laura B Says:

    I agree with Liz – pleas elet us see your top 20!!!

  8. mochachoc Says:

    Simply beautiful.

  9. Casey Says:

    I was on the fence about buying this….after all I love the name. Thanks for posting the pics. I think it will be my next Zoya purchase.

  10. Zoya nail polish - Specktra.Net Says:

    [...] Zoya nail polish Zoya Casey! The Polish Addict

  11. Danielle Says:

    could somebody help me please :( i would like to oplace an order with TD and would like to inclide to “live in colour” 3 set by CG but only if the proceeds are going to the BCA and i cannot sem to find anything about that so could someone please help

  12. Toma Says:

    I love this color too! I’m also loving your new system for picking colors to wear. I need to try this with my mineral shadows.

  13. pretear Says:

    Liz – I promise I will! : )

    Sminkan – Thank you!

    Kristy – Isn’t it? Thank you!

    Firepail – Definitely, this one is worth it.

    PolishJunkie82 – ; )Zoya has a great color selection, but this color is just hands down amazing.

    Sanna – Ooooh yes, yes you do.

    Laura B – I swear, I will in the very near future!

    Mochachoc – I knoooooow. : )

    Casey – If it’s your namesake – YOU NEED IT. lol I buy stuff if it’s named Stephanie even if I don’t particularly like it. : P

    Danielle – I don’t know how much of the proceeds are being donated but it’s going to cancer cure research. The money is technically donated already since China Glaze would already have the proceeds from selling to distributors, so go ahead and buy with no fear. : )

    Toma – : P It’s a weird method but it’s working for me.

  14. Tiggs. Says:

    I never realized just how much I LOVE polish until I stumbled across your site. I hate and love you at the same time! My shoe addiction didn’t need a partner, but now it has one.

    P.S. I have been looking for the perfect ‘blood red’ polish for my wedding day, and after searching for weeks, I found numerous options on your website in seconds. oh man you rock.

  15. Steph Says:

    : ) Thank you.

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