Usually, when I post an NOTD, I give you guys the run down on the color, the application, the wear, and other miscellaneous information regarding the color, brand, whatever. Today, I’m not going to do that. Sephora by OPI Metro Chic is a great color, it’s unique, it applies well, blah blah. We all know that already from the countless blog posts, magazine articles, and consumer raves about this color.

What I want to strongly express to you guys in this post is that this color has NOT been discontinued yet. If you wait, you might not even have to wait very long, you *WILL* be able to buy it from I’m not a fan of but buying this color from them for the normal retail price is infinitely better than buying from the scum of the earth, dirty rotten scoundrel, shyster of an ebay seller who is trying to get a whopping $55 for this color! For that matter, don’t buy Metro Chic from any of the other ebay sellers who are selling these for windfall, albeit more reasonable, profits. What’s happening here is a perfect example of what I was complaining about before. Colors like Zulu, at least at this point, are being sold by people who picked up bottles and rather sell them for mad cash instead of keep them. Metro Chic, on the other hand, gets sold out almost immediately when it gets stocked on Sephora. I guarantee you that is happening, not because everyone wants this color so badly that hundreds of girls stalk sephora everyday, but because ebay scalpers, responding to the hype this color has gotten, stalk sephora everyday, buy up the colors, then flip them on ebay for windfall profits. This isn’t the pull of supply and demand, folks, it’s purely artificially increased demand.

This will only stop (or at least occur less frequently) if we, as consumers, force it to stop by refusing to encourage this behavior with our purchases.  If you want it bad enough to spend a cent above retail for this color just check sephora everyday. Metro Chic has come back into stock since I got mine last month at least 3 times and it usually doesn’t sell out for at least 2 or 3 days. If you need instant gratification stay on top of the sales associates at your local sephora – or join a nail polish community whose members do custom purchases. I have countless hard to find polishes that were especially purchased for me in other states, even other countries, in order to avoid the nail polish black market. And keep in mind, this color is not discontinued yet. OPI and Sephora could very possibly still make the decision to make this color part of the core line which is something that I would personally love to see and strongly encourage them to do.

We need to send a message that gouging is not okay and the best way to do that is to take a stand with this color and leave these ebay sellers holding their 20+ unscalpable bottles of Metro Chic.



  1. arkanefyre Says:

    YES. Thank you for writing this post. The price for Metro Chic is absolutely ridiculous – some listings are even more than Kaleidoscope!

    Your post: word.

  2. Mazoo Says:

    I agree one hundred percent with everything that you said. eBay scalpers are the scum of the earth – and not just for nail polish. I also collect hard to find out of print movies, but theres no way I’ll pay $50 for a VHS tape like some sellers ask. Your patience will usually result in a big payoff. Never pounce on the first one you see.

    However, I will admit that I do use eBay for 80% of my polish purchases. I live in Australia, where it costs $25.95 for a bottle of OPI Polish at the shops for example, and our “drugstore” brands like Revlon and Maybelline etc, rarely ever go past the very blandest of pinks, reds and beiges from their core lines. It’s a warm day in Antarctica if we ever see anything seasonal. So apart from H2T, eBay is where I get my stuff. Places like Sephora don’t ship outside the US, and even a lot of MUA’ers don’t swap outside the US. Sometimes we have no choice but to resort to eBay – it’s either that or resign ourself to sighing at the pretty pictures on your blog!

  3. by7812 Says:

    Totally agree. I’m wondering if the same thing will happen with Chanel’s Haute Chocolate

  4. Kate Says:

    I can relate to Mazoo, I live in a small city in Ontario Canada, when I can get to the nearest big city, I usually wait to make my “hard to get” purchases then. I did give in to Chanel Blue Satin which I admit I paid too much for but the waiting lists at the retailers were ridiculous and for me it was worth every penny. EBay for me is a viable alternative because a lot of online polish retailers will not ship to Canada. I usually only will pay no more than $4.00 above the purchase price for the item on eBay like my recent purchase of “Meet for Drinks” which I bought to go with a dress I am wearing for a wedding I am in, ( it was the perfect match for a fall wedding!). I was bidding on a bottle of Metro Chic, but when the price kept going up and up and I really had to ask myself it was worth the extra 55% on top of the retail price? In this case it was definitely not ( I will wait and see if Sephora plans to restock Metro Chic) but sometimes buying off eBay for me is cheaper than the tank of gas it would run me to drive into the big city.

  5. firepail Says:

    you are so right.

  6. pretear Says:

    Arkanefyre – Exactly! It has to stop.

    Mazoo – I’m on MUA as EmpressStephanie – I will gladly order stuff for you here and forward it to you in Australia. Just let me know. And I use ebay a lot too but I only buy from sellers that have normal shipping rates (less than 3 dollars for the U.S.) and reasonable prices for polish. I do buy hard to find items and I will pay more money than retail for things I really want but not for things like Metro Chic that should still be available at regular price.

    By – It already is. We’ve been report battling with some d-bag who is charging 50 bucks for it and stealing images from another blogger.

    Kate – Everything I am saying, I mean it within reason. If a purchase on ebay is worth it to you, it’s totally okay to go for it. I buy stuff on ebay ALL the time (just this week I bought Essie Glass Slippers, OPI Peel Me A Gobi Grape, and OPI Melody in Mocha) but I only buy from reasonable reliable sellers who don’t gouge people. With Metro Chic, there’s an alternative, we don’t have to go to ebay. Are you a member on MUA? A lot of girls there swap and do CPs with girls in Canada. I just sent a package to Canada last week. It sounds like that would be an excellent alternative for you.

    Firepail – : )

  7. fifrildi Says:

    While I agree with you in theory I was a bit like “yes – I can get the Sephora polishes on eBay. Hooray!”. Living in Norway I have a couple of regular nail-polish sites that ship here otherwise eBay is my beloved source for all thing polish. And since the retail price of an Essie polish in Norway is a swooping 25 dollars eBay prices usually seem reasonable to me… :)

  8. Rachel Says:

    Here here!! Thanks for writing a post about this, we need to stop this problem!

  9. Keslynn Says:

    Amen, sister!

  10. Jay Says:

    I agree. I didnt even need to “stalk” sephora like that to get it. They will restock.I ordered one online and picked one up in the store for good measure. Please ladies dont buy off of the scummy ebay sellers…PLUS have you seen some of the pics. The polishes are unsealed and they are describing it as brand new and unopended. BUYERS BEWARE

  11. firepail Says:

    off topic, but did you see this? you can get 3 free polishes (your choice) if you vote and buy $20 worth of Zoya:

  12. Melanie Says:

    On a completely different note, I am considering getting a bottle of OPI Black Tie Optional. In your opinion…is it worth the money and the trouble? Is it outstanding or just another purple?

  13. Shannon Says:

    I’m not even sure if any of the Sephora by OPI line is limited edition anyway. Sephora is pretty good about marking all of their limited edition items with a little gray “limited edition” tag both by the big item title and any color of item that is LE. That’s not to say they won’t just randomly discontinue it for fun anyway I suppose.

  14. Katee Says:

    I’m sorry, I love (LOVE!!!!) your blog, but I just don’t understand your problem with capitalism on ebay. I just listed a bottle of Metro Chic for sale and am starting my auction at $0.99. The people who bid on my auction are essentially naming the price they are willing to pay for it. So be it $9 or $19 or $59, the people who bid are choosing the price they want to pay. So I really don’t understand what your problem is with people selling limited polishes, or whatever else they want to sell on ebay for a profit. I mean, isn’t that the point of ebay – to make a profit? And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to shop on ebay. People aren’t being ‘”tricked” or anything like that on ebay. What you see is what you get. You aren’t paying more than the price you voluntarily type in when you bid.

  15. Annie Says:

    my sephora, has never sold out of metro chic. everytime time i have been in there, its been in stock. Maybe i will buy a couple and swap with people. I don’t even like the color.

  16. pretear Says:

    fifrildi – Are you a member of MUA? I think it would help alleviate some of your polish woes.

    Rachel – Thank you! : )

    Keslynn – lol.

    Jay – Exactly! I had to wait about a week to order mine online when it came back into stock.

    Firepail – Yea. : ) I have a little widget box for it at the top of the page. lol.

    Melanie – I wrote a post about this one a while ago – I’d say, if you can get it for cheap, go for it (it *can* happen, really.) I like it but I sort of regret paying like 16 bucks for it.

    Shannon – My understanding was that they would have a core line and then a seasonal collection that would be LE. OPI is the same way except if a seasonal collection color does well, they will add it to the core line. I don’t know how SOPI will operate but I would assume it will work the same way as OPI.

    Katee – I’m glad you like my site but I hope you lose money on your auction. People *are* being tricked. If it wasn’t for people like you, buying extra bottles to flip them on Ebay, people who want this color wouldn’t have to turn to ebay in the first place – they would have been able to buy it from Sephora for a regular price. If this were any other “hard to find” polish and you started your auction at .99 cents, I would applaud you as an honest ebay seller. But the fact is that this color should still be available in stores and the only reason it’s not is because of ebay scalpers. I’m getting really sick of people throwing the word capitalism around like it’s some sort of magical cure all concept that makes any bad behavior suddenly okay. Flipping things on ebay isn’t capitalism. In fact, in this situation, it’s anti-capitalistic because essentially ebay scalpers are creating a monopoly that disrupts the market’s invisible hand. Our government sees monopolies and price fixing as so disruptive to our economy that it has created intricate anti-trust laws to guard against it. I wonder if everyone spouting this nonsense about capitalism would feel the same way if we weren’t talking about nail polish and instead we were talking about another country buying all the available oil and tripling the sale price? Would that be okay too, because as you say, that’s capitalism and you don’t have to buy the oil at that price if you don’t want too – you can just go without if you don’t like it?

    Annie – That would be really nice of you.

  17. E Says:

    “If it wasn’t for people like you, buying extra bottles to flip them on Ebay…”

    That’s a heck of an assumption, there. All you know is that she listed one bottle of MC on Ebay at a 99 cent start price. The scenario that you posit could be true — or it could just as easily be a bottle that she bought for herself and decided she didn’t like or wouldn’t use.

  18. pretear Says:

    She just so happens to have two brand new LE Chanels up for auction too. Occam’s razor says it’s not a coincidence. If by the off chance your interpretation of the facts are true, then she has my apologies.

  19. Angel Says:

    Steph you are so right! I agree. It is so aggravating when I can’t buy Metro Chic in the stores or online because scalpers are buying them up to sell on ebay. I would never pay that ridiculous amount for a polish.
    I have never swapped before but I think I might try for Metro Chic.

  20. Katee Says:

    Sorry Stephanie, as much as I respect your blog and knowledge of nail polish, there is nothing you could say that would make me think it is wrong to make a couple of extra bucks selling HTF polishes on ebay. I mean give me a break with this “scum of the earth” talk. When I think of “scum of the earth”, I think of drug dealers, murderers, and child molesters. Not a girl trying to make a few bucks on ebay. Seriously, everyone who is so enraged about this should put there energies into something more productive.

  21. Katee Says:

    Sorry Stephanie, as much as I respect your blog and knowledge of nail polish, there is nothing you could say that would make me think it is wrong to make a couple of extra bucks selling HTF polishes on ebay. I mean give me a break with this “scum of the earth” talk. When I think of “scum of the earth”, I think of drug dealers, murderers, and child molesters. Not a girl trying to make a few bucks on ebay. Seriously, everyone who is so enraged about this should put there energies into something a little more productive and not get their panties in a ruffle over some nail polish on ebay.

  22. pretear Says:

    Angel – That’s a good idea – if not swap, at least cp.

    Katee – To be fair, I said the scalper selling Metro Chic for $55 is the scum of the earth. In any case, this happens to be my hobby, so I put energy into it. If I didn’t put energy into it, this site wouldn’t exist. Don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous that you’re telling me I’m stupid for being enraged by scalpers but at same time it’s okay for you to be pissed that I’m voicing my opinion on my own website which no one is forcing you to read? As far as people being productive, please don’t be disrespectful to me or my readers – you’re entitled to your opinions but you’re not entitled to tell people how to wear their underwear, at least not here.

  23. Martha Says:

    katee, so long as it’s not illegal don’t worry bout the ebay bashing here or anywhere else for that matter. i mean, next people are gonna say aging bottles of wine and selling them is scalping, and re-selling a van gogh painting for 100 times it’s original value (and without any proceeds to the painter) a sin. too funny.

    niweys, goog luck w/ your ebaying katee, lots of other people appreciate it as a hassle free way to get things we want, esp those overseas.
    (i mean, come on, working the boards takes time and effort, what with kiss-assing the board members, having to reciprocate custom purchases etc, and at the hourly rate of my time, ebay prices are usually a bargain).

  24. KL Says:

    I absolutely agree, I just hope people contemplating such an eBay purchase are reading. People need to know it is not LE, not discontinued and is available for retail price purchase. On one hand, I often feel that if people are silly enough to pay $55 for a polish they could easily obtain for $9…then that’s their stupidity. At the same time, I can’t imagine taking advantage of people, and that’s simply what the ebay gauging is. I guess I just assume everyone has the same morals as me. Next time a hurricane hits and gas prices jump to $8/gallon at some sleezy gas station, I guess I should just smile and praise capitalism, lol.

  25. pretear Says:

    Martha, bottles of rare wine and one of a kind paintings, at least to me, are different than bottles of mass produced nail polish that have yet to be discontinued. I’m not really sure why me telling people, hey, you don’t have to go to ebay for this particular polish makes you guys so angry. Is it because people tend to get more defensive when they know they are doing something wrong and someone calls them out on their bullshit?

    KL – Exactly. Ugh. That happens where I live all the time. One time our gas spiked up $1.50 because of a rumor. But, hey, just throw the word capitalism at it and every thing is okay!

  26. Liz Says:

    Just an opinion, of course:

    We can agree, if a seller starts an auction @$55, that’s bad. Very bad.

    But, if a seller starts an auction @99 cents or another reasonable price, then the market drives it up, that’s economics.

    If people weren’t willing to pay $50, $70, $80 for a nail polish that retails for $9, this wouldn’t happen in the first place.

    But if people are willing to do that, that’s their hard-earned money to spend in whatever way they choose. More power to the seller, oh, and as for the buyer? No one wants to be told how to spend their money.

    Gas prices are high because of global supply and demand. The fair comparison w/ gas price gouging – you go to the gas station & the price is already ridiculous. It’s not like, you go to the gas station, the price is a dollar a gallon, and someone comes along saying they want it more than you do and are willing to pay more, so you end up SOL.

  27. Glynis Says:

    Visited the Sephora beside Kodak Theater in Hollywood last week and was surprised to see “Metro Chic” in stock there. I excitedly grabbed my bottle, just chatting away at the lady at the register about how this nail polish is so hard to find… etc etc. She simply looked at me, wondering what was the big deal about, saying they’ve always had it in stock. You guys may want to check that location out if you’re in the LA area.

  28. pretear Says:

    Liz – I don’t disagree with you but I’m going to reserve the right to call the person who is selling any nail polish for $55 a scum bag regardless of the economic system in place in my country. And the only thing I intended with this post is to inform people that unlike colors like Zulu that are no longer available making ebay the only option – Metro Chic is *still* available for normal retail price. The majority of auctions don’t start at a low price. Every htf polish I’ve ever bought on ebay were Buy Now auctions with high prices. Have you noticed that generally, especially with OPI, there will be 13 auctions for the same “htf” color all with a 12+ buy now options. I don’t think you can call it market pressure demand when someone just says, screw it, I’ll the pay the ridiculous price even though I don’t want too because I really want this color. I guarantee that in a true auction those polishes would go for much much much less. I totally agree that it’s different when an auction starts low and ends high. With Zulu (where low start, high end is usually the case), I told people that I think the price is totally ridiculous and we should ask NARS to start making it again in order to avoid having to pay the ridiculous price. Here I’m just telling people, regardless of starting price, don’t get ripped off because you have other options. In both cases I don’t think I’m saying anything so ridiculous as to warrant the responses I’ve gotten from the select few scalpers that read my site. Ultimately, people can do whatever they want in their auctions but then that also means I can say whatever I want about their auctions.

    Glynis – This is exactly what I’m talking about – the “sold out” everywhere hype is non-sense.

  29. Tammi Says:

    I know Metro Chick was sold out in all the sephora’s around me. But with one phone call, they told me when the next shipment came in and when to call. Next thing I knew I had two polishes, one for me and my sister.

    I think when it comes to ebay. I think all the responsibilites are on the shopper. Be wise. Do your research and see what other options are out there.

    I should join the MUA board. I have no problems helping out of the country nail polish addicts.


  30. fifrildi Says:

    I have been looking at MUA for a few weeks every now and then, and think that my wallet will suffer too much if I ever become a member… :o) But thanx for the tip!

  31. Monique Says:

    i picked it up today at sephora…they had plenty :) i think it really depends on the area you live in… great post!

  32. mayra Says:

    hi thanks for taking strong position. I’m in Switzerland an want MC badly, can you recommend a polish community where I could ask for someone to send it to me – maybe in exchange for something hard to get in the US?

  33. pretear Says:

    Tammi – that’s cool of you.

    Fifrildi – Aw. : (

    Monique – Yea, it definitely does.

    Mayra – Can you order straight from Sephora? It’s no longer out of stock on their site.

  34. D Says:

    I think Metro Chic is part of their permanent collection. It’s not listed as limited edition…let’s hope.

  35. may Says:

    For those who live outside the U.S., you may want to look into a parcel forwarding service. They will ship anything anywhere in the world and it does not cost too much. I used to use Shipito when I was studying abroad and couldn’t live without Sephora. It’s worth a look.

  36. Justine Says:

    metro chic is limited edition? since when? I just bought it on sephora’s and got it in canada.

  37. Carol Says:


    Great post. I am applauding you!! :)

  38. Jenny Says:

    Hi Im jenny From Singapore, Jus pass by wanna check wif u, do ur colours ship international? I wanna Buy ZOYA colours, but they don ship international, and i wanna check wif u, how much u selling 1 bottle in USD? Hope to hear from u soon, email mi… I likes zoya n opi alots…

  39. Rachel Says:

    Obviously I’m coming years later but I just wanted to address your allegation that it is only because of the ebay scalpers that metro chic was selling out everywhere.

    The way supply and demand works is that supply increases with price and demand decreases with price. So, the higher the price of the good, the more people are willing to sell it and the fewer willing to buy it. The point at which the demand roughly equals the supply is the ‘equilibrium price’. If demand is in excess and there is a shortage of a good, then the price is too low. This often happens in a situation where, like with Sephora by OPI opolishes, there is a standardized price for a lot of goods. This is very different from, say, a marketplace like eBay where prices change frequently (especially with the auction format). On eBay, the supply equals the demand more freely because the prices are adjusted for, in this case, the gorgeousness of the good and insane popularity. Those who are willing to pay the high prices get the good, so the market manages to remedy an underprovided good by weeding out the people who do not want it as much and selling the finite number of units (in the short term) to an equal number of people. Not everyone who would want it if it were $1 could have it, simply put. At $50, supply equals demand (we see neither an excess of sellers who cannot find buyers or an excess of buyers willing to pay $50 unable to find sellers to sell it at that price).

    That’s a basic economics lesson for you.

  40. Rachel Says:

    Also! Those of you compaining about international shipping: there are a ton of ‘mail forwarding’ services that allow you to send what you want to a US address (thiers) that will then send on the package to you, in your home country.

    You can use them for swapping or for buying things from US retailers (int’l credit cards can still be a problem though)

    Here are some examples:

    …and a simple google search can unearth tons more.

  41. Marsha Says:

    Do you happen to know where I can buy a bottle of OPI Peel Me a Gobi Grape? It’s been discontinued. Thank you!

  42. tj73 Says:

    O.k. girls I’m a newbie here, but I wanted to give you the “heads up” on a couple of places outside of Ebay to get your polishes. For Canadian girls…Metro Chic, for example, I just got from QVC (US QVC) and you can check out all the current Sephora by OPI’s they offer there. They ship to Canada and many other places. This is the link to the page featuring all the polishes they currently offer in that line on (It’s a “home shopping channel” for those of you who aren’t familiar with it) and here’s the link to what they currently have in stock to sell

    They also broadcast and have websites for the other countries they broacast in which are QVC US, QVC UK, QVC Germany, QVC Japan and the newest on launched within the past year, QVC Italy. I’ve also successfully used some great, reputable polish sites that you can find by searching for the polish you want first at! Some will ship internationally I’m sure, for example I only wanted one bottle of the new OPI Touring America (Fall 2011 collection) to start and was able to get it quickly and easily, free shipping (I am in the US though) from a retailer located in California (3,000 miles from here) for just $8.00 even. That’s it!!! So search around a little more, let your friends on here help you, and I completely agree, sheisters be gone! We just want to look pretty, I need to make money too, but overboard, is overboard. God bless them! And good luck to you all!

  43. tj73 Says:

    And of course you know by now, for US customers and helper friends, that it is (Metro Chic, etc.) also on

    All my best, happy shopping and polishing!

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