Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kick Off: Color Club Colors for the Cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s not just about finding a cure. It’s about informing women about the disease, the facts, and early detection. And, of course, it’s about buying a bunch of pink stuff. The trick is finding companies that donate either all or a large portion of the proceeds of the sale of the pink stuff to breast cancer research or breast cancer related charities. Nail Polish companies are actually pretty generous, so fear not. If you want to see some of the nail related promotional products released for Breast Awareness Cancer Month check out this article on the Nails Magazine site. (I *love* that blinged-out crystal nail file.) I’ll be covering as many BCA promotional polishes as I can get my hands on so stayed tuned. First up is Color Club Colors for the Cure mini set.

Color Club is donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the Colors for the Cure mini set. These colors aren’t new so they’re also all available in full size as well but I say, get the minis and do a small good deed for mankind.

Color Club Bashful is a very light baby pink with extremely subtle shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that it is effectively a creme. It’s a really delicate color but it’s a PITA to apply. I had to whip out the big guns, Barielle Camo. That helped but I still needed 4 coats.

Color Club Translucent is a translucent (duh) pink that would be excellent for french manis or for people who are looking for polishes that are ‘your nails but better’. It’s similar to Essie Pink Glove Service. The application here was excellent. This swatch is 4 coats because I wanted to see if I could get the pink to build. It does build a little bit. With all that said, I am absolutely ashamed to show you guys this swatch. My naked nails were not meant to see the light of day. They are *so* yellow. : ( Boo.

Color Club Angels N Pink is a creme barbie pink, very cute. This swatch is 3 coats.

Color Club In Bloom is a darker barbie pink. It’s a true pink, no bluish undertones. This shade, like Bashful, has ultra subtle shimmer that really isn’t noticeable (undetectable shimmer?… love it). In Bloom is my current NOTD. I used 1 coat of Color Club Stuck on You, 3 coats of In Bloom, and 1 coat of Seche Vite.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


8 Responses to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kick Off: Color Club Colors for the Cure”

  1. shelpen Says:

    Just wonder if you use any base? I remember you’ve mentioned some time ago that you do not. Why? ;)
    And yes, I read your blog religiously!

  2. pretear Says:

    No, no, I absolutely always wear basecoats. I’m just not horribly picky about the ones I wear. I’ve had a lot of luck with a lot of different basecoats but as a rule I’m partial to ‘sticky’ basecoats like Color Club Stuck On You, Creative Stickey, Orly Bonder, Zoya Anchor, Nail Laminates No More Chips. You just have to find one that works well for you.

  3. Tammi Says:

    Where can buy this?

  4. The World's Dresser Says:

    Great collection (and swatches)! I’ve never tried Color Club, but I think I’ll have to pick this set up. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Sanna Says:

    Go Color Club for donating!
    gorgeous swatchpics:)

  6. pretear Says:

    Tammi – I haven’t seen this one online yet. You’re best bet is to try brick and mortar stores that carry Color Club. If you don’t know of one, you can email Color Club and ask them if any where near your zip code carries their brand. I suspect the etailers should have this one up at some point though.

    The World’s Dresser – It’s a great cause!

    Sanna – Yea 100% is amazing, I think that’s the highest percentage I’ve heard.

  7. Says:

    I am in pink heaven!!

  8. Nyiema Says:

    where can i find color club stuck on you?

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