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Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Bahama Blues Collection

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

When I initially heard that China Glaze was putting out a whole collection of blues I just about died on the spot. Of course, I’m not completely satisfied – well I mean I am I with this collection… but now that I know China Glaze is open to a whole collection of one color, I want a whole collection of greens!! Ooh, I can dream, can’t I?

Now on to the commentary:

Scrangie has posted about issues with China Glaze’s application lately. I can honestly say that I didn’t have the same application problems with Rodeo Diva and Operation Colour. I did however encounter some application issues in this collection. Since the application issues aren’t occurring consistently, I don’t think it’s China Glaze’s formula that is the culprit. I can only imagine that there is some other explanation, although I’m not sure what that explanation would be.

Unfortunately, none of the new dark blues are exact dupes to other dark blues that might already be in your collection. The girls on the nail board believe that Calypso Blue might be dupish to NARS Midnight Express. I don’t own that one, but from the images I’ve seen, it looks much much darker than Calypso Blue. Nars Midnight Express seems closer to something like Color Club Naughtycal Navy.

As you can see above, China Glaze Calypso Blue is dark but visibly and obviously blue, as opposed to being ‘almost black’. This shade had great application, no issues. This one is my absolute favorite color from this collection, hands down.

China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway is my second favorite color from this collection. Oh man, it’s just flat-out gorgeous. It has the same jelly-like quality of OPI Dating a Royal. Actually, I would say it’s the darker cousin of OPI Dating a Royal. I also didn’t have any application issues with this one.

This is a pretty true to life representation of China Glaze Bahamian Escape. However, it’s not as close to Color Club Blue Light as it looks in this image. They are similar but Bahamian Escape has a greener tinge to it. One of the girls on the Nail Board asked me whether Bahamian Escape is dupish to China Glaze For Audrey – not at all similar. Which can be either good or bad news depending on who you ask.

China Glaze Bahamian Escape was impossible to capture accurately. I’ve decided to start photoshopping colors that my camera fails to capture accurately. This is the closest to true life color that I could get it but it’s not grayed out in real life. As I’m sure you can tell, the image above is very different from bottle picture. That’s because the color dries several shades darker on the nail than the actual bottle color. The formula was chalky and a little thick. I got nearly full coverage with one coat. One coat coverage can be a double edged sword because most of the time it can also cause bubbling. I did get a few bubbles so I used 3 drops of thinner. The application was perfect after thinning.

China Glaze Caribbean Blue is a sky blue with flaky sugar glitter. Anti-glitter girls, don’t be alarmed. The glitter gives more of a subtle shimmer than full on bling. It’s definitely not ‘too much’.

China Glaze Blue Paradise is a frosty dark blue. This one was really thick and bubbly but, again, 3 drops of thinner made it perfect. My bottle may very well be a fluke, it’s possible that it might not be representative of all the bottles of this color. Let me know if you have similar application issues with Blue Paradise, but I don’t think anyone will.

China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea is probably my third favorite from this collection. I’m really into these foil-y finish colors like Zoya Rea and Zoya Trixie. This foil-y light blue was fairly sheer. This swatch was 3 coats. This one has major bling potential as you can see below.

This swatch is Blue Island Iced Tea in full on sunlight – very pretty, very blingy.

We didn’t expect this Collection to be out until October but it’s actually available as of today on


Disclosure: The collection was sent to me for review by China Glaze – the other polishes were purchased by me.


Fall Blitzkrieg: Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall Collection

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I think I’m just going to stop raving about Rescue Beauty Lounge because I’m starting to sound like a broken record. These colors are just so disgustingly gorgeous – it’s almost overwhelming. I’m starting to suspect that the nail polish gods have bestowed Ji Baek with the logos. This collection is so perfect, I practically started speaking in tongues when the FedEx guy dropped it off. [1. Actually - funny story: FedEx emailed me saying they dropped my package off at 2:33pm so you can imagine the emotional roller coaster I was on when I arrived home at 3:30pm to find that my package missing in action. I flipped my shit, for real. Was it stolen!? Delivered to the wrong house!? I started pounding on neighbor's doors. I accused my boyfriend and roommates of hiding it to screw with me (which they've actually done before). Then yelled at them for not watching the door vigilantly enough for my package. I called FedEx and berated them for about 30 minutes. Accused the roomies and boyfriend again. I was really ready to just sit down and drown in tears because this collection was sold out. I wouldn't be able to get replacements until late September/October. Right as I'm about to end it all the FedEx guy waltzes up to my door with my package that apparently was never actually delivered at all. I spent the good portion of the afternoon apologizing for my psychotic episode but I did it while wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal so it was all worth it.] So now I’m spreading the gospel to you guys – *cue the trumpets* – behold:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal is tough to describe. Is it blue, is it green? It does look green in some lights, blue in others. It’s not really teal… is it? I’m not sure. I just know that it’s drop dead gorgeous. As always great application – almost complete coverage in one coat.

I’m wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruise right now. Like Teal, it’s tough to pin down in one color category. It’s a purple-y muted maroon-ish brown. Those colors don’t even seem like they are part of the same spectrum but Bruise looks like all three at same time. On short nails and in non-conservative offices, I’d say this one is work appropriate. Also, great application.

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War is the controversial color from this collection. People either absolutely LOVE it or absolutely HATE this olive green, there doesn’t seem to be an in between. I’m sure this won’t be shocking to anyone but I’m in the ‘f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g love it’ camp. Plus, the tiny little dirty tree hugging hippie inside me loves the name.

So does this collection have anyone else speaking Glossolalia, or is it just me?



Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


Polish Addict & Scrangie Live Blogging Extravaganza

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

EmpressStephanie is me and xkeinmitleidx is Scrangie. : )


EmpressStephanie: Soooorry
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: Hehehe :D
EmpressStephanie: I went to the mall to pick up some hot topics for Colorsgalore
xkeinmitleidx: I just ordered a crapload of Hot Topic polishes, I had 20% off code
EmpressStephanie: they’re pretty awesome
xkeinmitleidx: I recently got the Kelly Green, Iridescent Purple and yellow/green neon, I’m impressed
xkeinmitleidx: I had to get 2 backups of iridescent purple >.>
EmpressStephanie: when you say iridescent purple – is that the glittery purple?
xkeinmitleidx: Yep, it’s glittery purple with sort of… duochromeyness
EmpressStephanie: that one is GORGEOUS
EmpressStephanie: okay I need to pull out my sterilites
EmpressStephanie: I’m going to be updating the spreadsheet too
EmpressStephanie: do you keep you?
xkeinmitleidx: Sweet.
xkeinmitleidx: I don’t have a spreadsheet but I keep a text list
xkeinmitleidx: haven’t updated it since… march?  lol
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: so then you have like a million to add to it then
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, it’s gonna take me a while =/  And I only had Essie, OPI and China Glaze on it lol
EmpressStephanie: I have about 100 to add to mine
EmpressStephanie: I’ve been getting carried away
EmpressStephanie: the nailboard market place was the worst thing that ever happened to me : P
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, I went a little crazy this week…
xkeinmitleidx: Ooh, I haven’t been there…. Afraid to look!
EmpressStephanie: sometimes you can get really good deals
EmpressStephanie: I got Wyatt Earple Purple for 4 bucks
xkeinmitleidx: Nice!
EmpressStephanie: yea I’ve been lemming that one forever
xkeinmitleidx: I’m going through my Orlys right now…. I think I’m missing a few!
EmpressStephanie: :O which ones?
xkeinmitleidx: The two dark purples I just bought and one of the sparkly ones that came with the little rhinestones… Turquoise Charm?
EmpressStephanie: ah from the new collex?
xkeinmitleidx: Nah, old ones I think.  I’m pretty sure Turquoise Charm is discontinued
xkeinmitleidx: Haven’t seen it anywhere in a loooooong time

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New Layout, Domain, & Live Blogging Weekend Nonsense!

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

As you all can see The Polish Addict has a new layout and domain complete with syringes and all. The concept and design are the brain children of my very good friend Nina. I *really* love it and hope you all do too.

The new domain is, please update your links. The old site will redirect to this one for a while but eventually it won’t anymore. Now that I’m on my own domain I have a lot more flexibility with the content and structure of the site so if you have some blog feature or whatever that you would like to see implemented on the Polish Addict drop me a comment about it.

And finally, Scrangie and I are planning to live blog on both our sites while we reorganize our stashes this Saturday starting at around 1pm EST. Join us to participate in the shenanigans, get to know us better, and peak at our collections (hers is waaaaay more impressive than mine!). We’ll also be taking requests and answering questions. : )


First Ever Polish Addict Giveaway – Win Color Club Musique Collection!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Color Club the Polish Addict is hosting its very first giveaway, ever!

Fill out the entry form for a chance to win the entire Color Club Musique Collection including the 3 liquid lipstick shades. The winner will be chosen on September 23rd (which just happens to be my birthday : P). You can check out my swatches of the Musique Collection here.

This contest is actually the first part of a sort of two-part ordeal. My initial idea was to host a contest for the best franken made from Color Club polish but I realized that a lot people don’t have access to Color Club or have never tried the brand, so I decided to start off with a straight-up giveaway first. On the 23rd, I’ll launch the Color Club Frankenpolish Contest. The best Dr. Frankenpolish will win the Glitter Vixen Collection!

Anyone excited? I am! : )


Disclosure: Prize courtesy of Color Club.


Professional with a Twist: Zoya Deidra

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Generally, I tend to associate work apropriate polishes with creme finishes, but every once in a while I encounter a good shimmery polish that can pass for work appropriate. Zoya Deidra is exactly that – a gorgeous mauve with glowing fine gold shimmer. I’m calling it a shimmer but the finish is probably more akin to a frost. This mani is 1 coat of Zoya Anchor, 2 coats of Deidra, 1 coat of seche. I had no application issues and it wore very well.

What I particularly love about this color is that it’s stunningly chic despite the fact that’s it’s fairly subtle. It’s refreshing when I find colors like this in my stash. It helps to stave off the plague of the work appropriate polish purgatory.

This picture is an accurate depiction of the color but there’s a good bit more shimmer in real life. In the shade, it’s sort of a borderline grayed out mauve but in the sunlight it just gleams gold. This color is probably too much for really really consversative offices but I think it would be a great color to wear just about every where else.

P.S. I recently had a bad break so this is one of the last long nail pictures we’ll have here on the Polish Addict for a while. Boooo.


Disclosure: I think Deidra was sent to me as a part of a collection for review by Zoya.