OPI Holiday in Toyland Swatches Part I

The fall blitzkrieg is mostly over and now we’re barreling towards the winter collections. The OPI Holiday in Toyland collection is composed of 6 very unique colors and 6 reds. I’m splitting this collection up into two posts accordingly. The Nailphile has swatches of the whole collection up right now in case you’d like to see the reds as well. (As a side note, I apologize for the lack of posting lately, this is my last year of law school and I’ve been swamped with the job search, etc.)

OPI You’re A Doll is a sheer muted pink with silverish frost-shimmer finish. The unique aspect of this color is the multi-sized reddish copper flecks that run throughout. This color is fairly sheer, I used 3 coats to get full coverage and bottle color. This is what I would like to refer to as a ‘sneaky professional color’, like Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge. It’s definitely professional and work appropriate but you can have the personal satisfaction of knowing you’re operating outside the status quo with your little coppery flecks. That might be something that only amuses me though, I know, I’m weird.

OPI Baby, It’s “Coal” Outside is probably my favorite from this collection. It’s slightly more gray than a pure black and it’s infused with silvery glitter. The glitter is potentially multi-sized. It’s hard to tell because the glitter is so small. This is 2 coats. The image above is without flash, below is with flash.

OPI Brand New Skates is silvery charcoal with irridescent glitter that flashes green and copper tones. This shade applies sheer but is buildable. This is 3 coats.

OPI Glamour Game, my second favorite from this set, is a gorgeous, chic… um… that’s where my powers of description end. It’s a very light champagne gold sheer with a finish that is both shimmery and frosty. Glamour Game has green to copper toned flecks of glitter similar to the ones found in Brand New Skates. This swatch is 3 coats. The image above was taken in indoor lighting, the image below was taken in direct sunlight.

OPI Play ‘Til Midnight is a deep blurple (more purple than blue, my picture is inaccurate as always) with blue and purple shimmer throughout. I used 3 coats because I tend apply very thin coats of polish – I think most people can get away with 2 coats. The ‘me’ of yesteryear would have loved the daylights out of this color but I think my collection has reached critical mass when it comes to purples. I can’t believe my fingers just typed those words.

OPI “Sheer” Your Toys! is another sheer, simultaneously frosty and shimmery subtly pinkish gray with multi-sized reddish copper flecks. This is 3 coats as well. I like the creative thematic design scheme present in this collection, the repeated use of green to copper toned glitter, combine frost and shimmer finish, and reddish-coppery flecks gives this collection that extra… oomph of uniqueness. I really love this set of colors.

This collection is up for sale now on transdesign.com.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by OPI.


20 Responses to “OPI Holiday in Toyland Swatches Part I”

  1. Lina-Elvira Says:

    I really love Baby it’s coal outside! :) This is so far my only purchase from this collection, but I can see how I will be getting more of them :)

  2. Sanna Says:

    Ooooh! I really like them!

  3. shadowline Says:

    You are not at all weird for the obsession with professional nail colors that are slightly edgy!! I do it ALL the time! Love the blog – thanks for the hard work!!

  4. vampyvarnish Says:

    Mine are on the way, I cannot wait! Your pictures are always so great and professional looking which really makes this blog extra special. Thanks!

  5. firepail Says:

    Thanks for the swatches! How do you think Play Til Midnight compares to Who Are You Wearing from last year’s collection?

  6. melli Says:

    These look great on you! I bought Brand New Skates and Baby It’s Coal Outside, but am thinking I need the rest of these….your swatches always get me hooked! Thanks for all your hard work, and you never need to apologize about life getting in the way of polish…we all understand! Best of luck with your job search and the last year of law school. You will be the lawyer with the best nails ever! :)

  7. Shryh Says:

    Oh gosh, I love them all! I totally get what you mean about ‘sneaky professional colours’ – last week, I did my flatmate’s nails in RBL Grunge, which she wore to work at her conservative corporate law office. She just liked the colour, but I was smirking with glee inside at the thought of Grunge among the suits. Not that other people know or care, but still! :)

  8. pretear Says:

    Lina-Elvira – That one is definitely the stand out from this collex, at least for me. I really love the Glamour Girl too.

    Sanna – : ) Me too.

    Shadowline – Thank you. : )

    Vampyvarnish – Thank you. I appreciate the love.

    Firepail – They aren’t similar. WAYW has a reddish toned purple shimmer and PTM is a true blurple.

    Melli – I can only hope! lol. : ) If you get the others definitely let me know what you think.

    Shryh – Exactly! lol I’m glad I’m not the only who is amused by that. : P

  9. firepail Says:

    thanks so much! just wanted to make sure I could justify both… =)

  10. pretear Says:

    I think owning both is okay. : )

  11. Alison Says:

    I love brand new skates, it’s a totally unique but wearable colour and I also really like Glamour game, so pretty.

    Which nail polish brand would you say is your favourite?

  12. pretear Says:

    Ooh… that’s a tough question. Probably a tie between OPI and RBL. RBL because I consistently love their new colors and you can’t beat their wear and application. OPI because, well, it was my first love. : )

  13. Alison Says:

    Thanks for replying so fast! I’m always torn between OPI, Essie and Chanel. OPI and Chanel have amazing colours but I find Essie always last way longer on me but they are more difficult than the other two to get hold of in the uk!

  14. Steph Says:

    I came onto this site while googling when the new OPI winter collection supposed to launch. Thank god I got the call from our local Ulta today that they are in or I was about to go crazy! Yes, I called about every supplier of OPI in Omaha trying to find them. Is that so wrong of me??? I love the baby it’s coal color swatches and the brand new skates. I found girls who are obsessed with nail polish like me!

  15. pretear Says:

    Alison – I’m really not huge on Chanel but I can definitely understand why people love the brand. You guys may have a tough time with access to Essie, but George is a *great* brand, I’m jealous of you UK girls that can get it.

    Steph – No wrong at all!!!! Do you not like ordering online? You can get them a lot sooner than at regular retailers and for a lot cheaper – check out: transdesign.com, 8ty8beauty.com, head2toebeauty.com.

  16. Amber Says:

    Wow, I am loving; LOVING Sheer your toys. I almost bought that one over “Moons” but, I think that I am glad with my choice. I just want this now too. :)

  17. pretear Says:

    : ) Good to hear.

  18. futon Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could do a comparison between Brand New Skates and Manglaze’s grey polish (Fuggen Ugly), and maybe also OPI’s Take It For Granite? They look pretty much the same to me.

  19. pretear Says:

    I don’t have TifG but I can do the others. : )

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