More Giveaway Fun: Color Club Frankenpolish Contest

What is a frankenpolish?

Basically, you take two more polishes and combine them to create a new color. That’s just the beginning: girls use clear polish, make-up pigment, glitter, etc., to create new looks. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

So, how does this contest work?

(1) Create a frankenpolish using any Color Club polish or product. You can use other brands as long as you use at least one Color Club product as a component of your creation.

(2) Post a swatch of your polish, it’s name, your recipe for the color, and a little blurb about your creation in the comments section of this entry. Your entries will be judged by myself and 2 other mystery nail polish bloggers. Judging will be based on creativity of color and design and, of course, the judges’ personal tastes.

(3) You will win extra points if you take a picture of your best mad scientist pose, holding up your franken bottle, screaming “it’s ALIVE! ALIIIIIIIIVE!”

(4) The last day to submit an entry will be October 15th.


Yup! The winner will receive the entire Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection. 1 runner up will receive the Color Club Best of the Best mini set (contains Honey Bee, Just Chill, Special Effects, and Killer Curves). I’ll have swatches of these colors up before the contest is over!

Franken away! *evil cackle*

Side note: This is my 100th post! Wooo.


Disclosure: Prize provided courtesy of Color Club.


21 Responses to “More Giveaway Fun: Color Club Frankenpolish Contest”

  1. Sminkan Says:

    Yesterday I gave my Groove Thang a boost up with gold and pink glitter-mica. It looks much better now! ;D
    it is fun altering polishes.

  2. pretear Says:

    Enter it! : )

  3. Sminkan Says:

    OK, I’ll try…
    So, a swatch…well, I hope this works, it’s a link to the pictures.
    How am I to post a picture in the comment? I am not clever enough for that.
    Anyway, it is just plain old CC Groove Thang but with a hefty helping of gold glitter och pink glitter mica. It has no real name, but I guess “Groovier thang” could do? Anyway, I am pleased with the result since it gave it a slightly more interesting look when the sun is not about to shine, and that is almost all the time here in Sweden… ;D
    Anyway, that’s it. Not very creative, but the only experiment so far with Color Club.

  4. pretear Says:

    Oooooh, I looove it.

  5. Ninarz Says:

    oooo, this should be interesting!

  6. Stef Says:

    Great Idea for a competition! This is my one and only Franken-polish, my first creation:

    Name: Meet me at the Water-cooler (I’m in the process of making a collection with an ‘Office Gossip’ theme)
    Recipe -
    Revlon Cool Rio – 30%
    Color Club Naughty-cal Navy – 30%
    Bourjois Champagne Irise – 15%
    Zoya Suvi – 10%
    Simpli Teal Green Glitter – 15%


    Can’t wait to see everyone elses entries!

    Sminkan- yours is gorgeous, I love all shimmer in it!

  7. Stef Says:

    Great idea for a contest! Here is my entry:

    Name: Meet me at the water-cooler (first polish in a series based around ‘Office Gossip’ as I am now totally hooked on Frankening!)
    Revlon Cool Rio 30%
    Color Club Naughty-cal Navy 30%
    Bourjois Champagne Irise 15%
    Simpli Teal Glitter 15%
    Zoya Suvi 10%

    Can’t wait to see everyone elses entries!
    Sminkan- I love your polish, all that extra glitter is just stunning :)

  8. Weedita Says:

    CC Naughtycal Navy 90%
    Jessica Glass Slipper 10%
    I am thinking about calling Nightwing.

  9. Weedita Says:

    I am a fan of DC Comics. And I wish that Robin (from BatMan) was better known as his original name. Nightwing. This polish to me looks like it could be the color of a superheros costume.

  10. pretear Says:

    Oh noooo – this is going to be a tough contest! <3

  11. Sminkan Says:

    I hope it’s ok to show another little experiment of mine. I don’t want to be disqualified…
    It is a mix of yoga-ta get this Blue, H&M Silver and H&M Electric Blue, a little bit of Nfu Oh 68 and…tam ta ta tam! Color Club Magic Attraction!
    Please let me stay in contest! I only have one Glitter Vixen! ;D
    Well, here it is, my new favourite blue:
    It is very beautiful, I think, but no picture does it justice. Name? Well, I am not the most imaginative girl when it comes to that. It is a cool, silvery blue with slight lilac duochrome and plenty of glitter… Blue Hour Magic? Oh, how silly a name is that… Blue Attraction? Well, that is slightly better. I’ll go with that!

  12. pretear Says:

    No disqualifications. : ) Multiple entries are totally okay.

  13. Weedita Says:

    This is my latest franken creation….I call it Green Tea Sparkle.
    It is made of about 75% CC Naughtycal Navy, 20% Pure Ice Heartbreaker, and 5% CC Explosive. I was trying to see if I could come up with a Zulu dupe/cousin with a little bit more oomph. This doesn’t look like Zulu but it is a calming green. Hence the name Green Tea and it is sparkly which is the reason that I added Sparkle. This contest has created a monster. I am starting to really like Frankening (not sure if that is a word or not.) :>D

    Here are the pics:

    Thanks for looking!

  14. Rouaa Says:

    This is the only color I have a picture of that is from Color Club!
    But still… I love this color! It’s so vibrant IRL.
    Color Club Wild Child!

  15. Sminkan Says:

    But Rouaa, dearest, it is not frankened in your picture. Wrong link?

  16. Sanna Says:

    Ok, so my turn:) (Finally?)

    Recipe (the exact one, but you can round it off to simplyfy it;):

    44% Color Club “Limelite”
    12,5% Coor Club “Black”
    9% any clear polish
    21% NYX Las Vegas
    13,5% Sinful San Francisco
    Add A little amount of TKB Tradings pigmnet “Travel to Neptune” at a time, and shake it (Ballz are important). Do the same with TKB Trading’s “Purple Sparks”. Add until you’re satisfied. (Approx. 1/4 teaspoon)

    Extreme (strange) closeup;


  17. Sanna Says:


  18. Sanna Says:

    ok, I’m back:)
    Name? I named it Travel somewhere I haven’t been.
    This was so much fun to do.I love duochromes and to make one and see how it comes alive is kinda cool:) Make sure to have all your windows closed and do not sit in to much draught. If you do, you’ll have pigment everywhere;)

  19. Rouaa Says:

    Sminkan ooops sorry :p I’m too stupid. haha

  20. Sminkan Says:

    Well, I have tried to franken a little cooler, more magical, version of Misa Fatal Affair.
    I have used equal amounts of Seche Vite (some left in the bottle), OPI Russian Navy, OPI DS Divine and Color Club Velvet Rope. I am very pleased with this concotion. It is so shimmery and lovely in every way. I hope you like it as much as I do!
    Sannas polish looks awsome of course. Guess I am without a chance to win this battle of franken fanatics! But it is fun, fun, fun!

    And Steph, yes, the gemstones lose a lot of sparkle with the heavy layer of top coat, but, they stay put. ;D

  21. Sminkan Says:

    Oh, forgot, my latest entry is called Divine Purple. I know, it’s cheezy…

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