Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Bahama Blues Collection

When I initially heard that China Glaze was putting out a whole collection of blues I just about died on the spot. Of course, I’m not completely satisfied – well I mean I am I with this collection… but now that I know China Glaze is open to a whole collection of one color, I want a whole collection of greens!! Ooh, I can dream, can’t I?

Now on to the commentary:

Scrangie has posted about issues with China Glaze’s application lately. I can honestly say that I didn’t have the same application problems with Rodeo Diva and Operation Colour. I did however encounter some application issues in this collection. Since the application issues aren’t occurring consistently, I don’t think it’s China Glaze’s formula that is the culprit. I can only imagine that there is some other explanation, although I’m not sure what that explanation would be.

Unfortunately, none of the new dark blues are exact dupes to other dark blues that might already be in your collection. The girls on the nail board believe that Calypso Blue might be dupish to NARS Midnight Express. I don’t own that one, but from the images I’ve seen, it looks much much darker than Calypso Blue. Nars Midnight Express seems closer to something like Color Club Naughtycal Navy.

As you can see above, China Glaze Calypso Blue is dark but visibly and obviously blue, as opposed to being ‘almost black’. This shade had great application, no issues. This one is my absolute favorite color from this collection, hands down.

China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway is my second favorite color from this collection. Oh man, it’s just flat-out gorgeous. It has the same jelly-like quality of OPI Dating a Royal. Actually, I would say it’s the darker cousin of OPI Dating a Royal. I also didn’t have any application issues with this one.

This is a pretty true to life representation of China Glaze Bahamian Escape. However, it’s not as close to Color Club Blue Light as it looks in this image. They are similar but Bahamian Escape has a greener tinge to it. One of the girls on the Nail Board asked me whether Bahamian Escape is dupish to China Glaze For Audrey – not at all similar. Which can be either good or bad news depending on who you ask.

China Glaze Bahamian Escape was impossible to capture accurately. I’ve decided to start photoshopping colors that my camera fails to capture accurately. This is the closest to true life color that I could get it but it’s not grayed out in real life. As I’m sure you can tell, the image above is very different from bottle picture. That’s because the color dries several shades darker on the nail than the actual bottle color. The formula was chalky and a little thick. I got nearly full coverage with one coat. One coat coverage can be a double edged sword because most of the time it can also cause bubbling. I did get a few bubbles so I used 3 drops of thinner. The application was perfect after thinning.

China Glaze Caribbean Blue is a sky blue with flaky sugar glitter. Anti-glitter girls, don’t be alarmed. The glitter gives more of a subtle shimmer than full on bling. It’s definitely not ‘too much’.

China Glaze Blue Paradise is a frosty dark blue. This one was really thick and bubbly but, again, 3 drops of thinner made it perfect. My bottle may very well be a fluke, it’s possible that it might not be representative of all the bottles of this color. Let me know if you have similar application issues with Blue Paradise, but I don’t think anyone will.

China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea is probably my third favorite from this collection. I’m really into these foil-y finish colors like Zoya Rea and Zoya Trixie. This foil-y light blue was fairly sheer. This swatch was 3 coats. This one has major bling potential as you can see below.

This swatch is Blue Island Iced Tea in full on sunlight – very pretty, very blingy.

We didn’t expect this Collection to be out until October but it’s actually available as of today on head2toebeauty.com.


Disclosure: The collection was sent to me for review by China Glaze – the other polishes were purchased by me.


27 Responses to “Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Bahama Blues Collection”

  1. Elma Says:

    Oh… Bahamian Escape compared with CC on the bottle looks similar. I will be skipping that. Though I’m not skipping the Blue Island Iced Tea. Thanks!!!

  2. jessica Says:

    OMG OMG OMG this is totally an emergency post. thank you for realizing that!!!!!!

  3. Carla G Says:

    Thanks so much for this!! You actually killed some lemmings! Is the Blue Island Iced Tea opaque? It looks pretty sheer. hmm. Caribbean blue is TDF!!

  4. Lina-Elvira Says:

    OMG these are all lovely! Thanks so much for these swatches, looking forward to commentary :) Def getting Blue Island Iced Tea and Calypso Blue and and and … GAAAHHH I want them all!! :)

  5. dami Says:

    i need all of these. thanks for posting the comparisons. i think i need to see them all IRL before deciding about dupes. haha.

  6. jessica Says:

    i totally just binged. hope i dont regret it…
    but once i saw your swatches, it was like christmas came early!!

  7. pretear Says:

    Elma – it’s not the exact same – ChG has a slightly more greenish tone – different enough for a collector to have both, probably not for a normal person. I’ll do comparison swatches soon.

    Jessica – lol no problem.

    Carla – It is a little sheer but opaque in 3 coats.

    Lina – I know, a whole line of blues – BRILLIANT. Now if only China Glaze would hook us up with a whole line of greens I could die a happy woman.

    Dami – : )

    Jessica – I don’t think you will. I did have some application issues with some colors but it was easily corrected.

  8. vampyvarnish Says:

    Ok I just ordered the whole set! ;-)

  9. Jason Says:

    Blue Island Tea is just amazing! I know it probably looks even more ‘bling’ in real life, but it totally rocks in your pic!
    Blue paradise is another mesmerizing blue (I have a soft-spot for blues anyway…)!

  10. Karman Says:

    LOVE these! I’m not much of a blue person but I HAVE to have at least 4 of these…so I am ordering the 6pc box set!!

  11. Mazoo Says:

    Just ordered the set. You’re right…a line of greens would be perfect.

  12. pretear Says:

    VampyVarnish – Cool!

    Jason – Blue Paradise is very you. : )

    Karman – Well, now you will be a blue person, lol. Mua ha ha, bringing people to the dark side one post at a time. ; )

    Mazoo – RIGHT!!!? Maybe we need email bomb China Glaze for a collection of greens! : )

  13. Mazoo Says:

    I’d envision it to look something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23310213@N02/2863814417/

    Calypso Blue would be a Zulu dupe for sure, And Blue Paradise looks *almost* Essie Dominica Green. *Heads off to write email*…

  14. pretear Says:

    :O!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’D BE ALL OVER THAT COLLECTION! (I think I’m going to forward this thread to China Glaze.)

  15. Lady Slatternly Says:

    Does BE look like LA Girl Flare 608? Also CB looks like Dead Calm to me. What are the differences between these pairs (that can’t be gleaned from the photos)?

  16. aprilrobin Says:

    Ah, thank you so much for these! Even with your help I couldn’t decide, so I just ordered the whole darn set. I figures I can find a home for any tht are unwanted.

    When you have the time some day, I would love to see you swatch all of those dark blue cremes together for comparsion. Those are my favorites!

    Your blog is great btw. I check it out almost daily but haven’t commented before.

  17. pretear Says:

    Lady Slatternly – BE and 608 are not exact dupes but they’re fairly close – it’s not the same color tone but it’s in the same range of colors, if that makes sense. I don’t know if I can judge whether it’s worth it to get one when someone already has the other. For the casual collector I’d say probably not, but for people like us, probably yes. DC and CB I need to swatch to give you a real idea. From memory and bottle comparison I would say it’s not an exact dupe but it might be a good enough dupe for people who shy away from RBL’s prices.

    aprilrobin – Sure thing! : ) But I can tell you right off the bat that they really aren’t similar at all. If you’re planning on getting them, don’t hesitate to get both. And please comment more often I love hearing from you guys.

  18. blackdove724 Says:

    OMG Steph you are a fricken mind reader. I was just looking at Scrangie’s website and was thinking hummmm… I wonder how close Bermuda Breakaway is to DAR. I open a new window to compare your swatch next to scrangies and low and behold you have bottle pics! You are wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you!

  19. Sanna Says:

    Oooh Bermuda Breakaway and calypso blue are just gorgeous! I can’t wait until my “no nail polish buy” is over

  20. Jen Says:

    Have mercy! I can’t handle it, we’re in a recession! :)

  21. pretear Says:

    Sanna – lol, how much longer do you have to go?

    Jen – I knooooow. : P

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  23. Kamil Says:

    ohmygoodness.! you have to let me know what top coat you use.! it make your nails look GORGEOUS.!

  24. deep Says:

    hello i love china glave crrabian one i would like to have it umm.. can u plz e-mail me telling what u r intrested in ?

  25. Nancy Says:

    Love the Bahamian Escape! ordered it too :)

  26. cindy Says:

    I really like these colors of china glaze: lemen fizz, something sweet, Bahamian escape,refreshment and Caribbian blue!!!!

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