Polish Addict & Scrangie Live Blogging Extravaganza

EmpressStephanie is me and xkeinmitleidx is Scrangie. : )


EmpressStephanie: Soooorry
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: Hehehe :D
EmpressStephanie: I went to the mall to pick up some hot topics for Colorsgalore
xkeinmitleidx: I just ordered a crapload of Hot Topic polishes, I had 20% off code
EmpressStephanie: they’re pretty awesome
xkeinmitleidx: I recently got the Kelly Green, Iridescent Purple and yellow/green neon, I’m impressed
xkeinmitleidx: I had to get 2 backups of iridescent purple >.>
EmpressStephanie: when you say iridescent purple – is that the glittery purple?
xkeinmitleidx: Yep, it’s glittery purple with sort of… duochromeyness
EmpressStephanie: that one is GORGEOUS
EmpressStephanie: okay I need to pull out my sterilites
EmpressStephanie: I’m going to be updating the spreadsheet too
EmpressStephanie: do you keep you?
xkeinmitleidx: Sweet.
xkeinmitleidx: I don’t have a spreadsheet but I keep a text list
xkeinmitleidx: haven’t updated it since… march?  lol
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: so then you have like a million to add to it then
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, it’s gonna take me a while =/  And I only had Essie, OPI and China Glaze on it lol
EmpressStephanie: I have about 100 to add to mine
EmpressStephanie: I’ve been getting carried away
EmpressStephanie: the nailboard market place was the worst thing that ever happened to me : P
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, I went a little crazy this week…
xkeinmitleidx: Ooh, I haven’t been there…. Afraid to look!
EmpressStephanie: sometimes you can get really good deals
EmpressStephanie: I got Wyatt Earple Purple for 4 bucks
xkeinmitleidx: Nice!
EmpressStephanie: yea I’ve been lemming that one forever
xkeinmitleidx: I’m going through my Orlys right now…. I think I’m missing a few!
EmpressStephanie: :O which ones?
xkeinmitleidx: The two dark purples I just bought and one of the sparkly ones that came with the little rhinestones… Turquoise Charm?
EmpressStephanie: ah from the new collex?
xkeinmitleidx: Nah, old ones I think.  I’m pretty sure Turquoise Charm is discontinued
xkeinmitleidx: Haven’t seen it anywhere in a loooooong time

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xkeinmitleidx: I just found the purples on my kitchen table, haven’t found the blue yet
EmpressStephanie: if it’s the blue that i’m thinking of – that’s a travesty
xkeinmitleidx: I know it has to be here *somewhere*
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: I don’t think I’ve ever misplaced something
xkeinmitleidx: Well, I’m done with my orly list…
EmpressStephanie: nail polish that is
EmpressStephanie: I’m still unpacking everything
xkeinmitleidx: I do it all the time…. So much nail polish around the house it kind of blends in
EmpressStephanie: how are you going about organizing?
xkeinmitleidx: Well, I have boxes of unorganized stuff waiting to be swatched,  and unorganized stuff I’ve already swatched
EmpressStephanie: My boyfriend doesn’t understand what we’re doing
xkeinmitleidx: I’m thinking sorting by brand
EmpressStephanie: he keeps saying…. “well I just don’t get it”
xkeinmitleidx: LOL  :D  I think my husband does, but he’s busy playing FFXI with my character to get me a map of Kuftal Tunnel XD
xkeinmitleidx: Heh, maybe I’ll go snap a pic of my mess before I clean it up!
EmpressStephanie: LOL
EmpressStephanie: the boyfriend is *supposed* to be watching college football
EmpressStephanie: instead he questions me about nail polish live blogging lol

xkeinmitleidx: LOL
EmpressStephanie: college football is the plague of the town I live in
EmpressStephanie: it’s all people do on saturdays
EmpressStephanie: and I live right next to the stadium – I can’t leave my house
xkeinmitleidx: Hm, I dunno about college football here, but people seem to get into regular football pretty… intensely
xkeinmitleidx: Yikes!
EmpressStephanie: Yikes is right, I can
EmpressStephanie: I can’t wait until I can move : P
EmpressStephanie: so how do you organize your stash?
xkeinmitleidx: Good question.  LOL
EmpressStephanie: by color? brand?
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: I have a bunch of sterilite drawers and tabletop racks
xkeinmitleidx: mostly organized by brand, but some are just randomly thrown in drawers
EmpressStephanie: right now I have them organized by color
xkeinmitleidx: I have a hard time deciding what deserves a rack and what deserves a drawer
EmpressStephanie: but I’m starting to wonder if I should do it by brand
EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: I might redo mine by brand, then color so it makes doing comparisons easier :D
xkeinmitleidx: Hehehe
EmpressStephanie: is a rack higher in the hierarchy?
xkeinmitleidx: I think I’m going to start a Zoya list right now
EmpressStephanie: because I used to keep my special ones in a drawer : P
xkeinmitleidx: Rack is usually nicer polishes or whatever I have the most of
xkeinmitleidx: I keep the expensive ones in a drawer
xkeinmitleidx: RBL, Lippmann, Chanel, Dior
EmpressStephanie: yea
xkeinmitleidx: Drugstore stuff goes in a drawer usually, but I’m not sure if I should separate it by brand or not…
EmpressStephanie: I have a confession
xkeinmitleidx: Oh yeah?
EmpressStephanie: I hardly own any drug store brands (ducks & covers)
xkeinmitleidx: I just started getting into drugstore, really :D

xkeinmitleidx: I used to be hardcore OPI-only and then moved to other brands like China Glaze and stuff
EmpressStephanie: me too!
EmpressStephanie: that’s exactly how it started for me
xkeinmitleidx: But now it seems like I can’t go grocery shopping without wandering down the nailpolish section
xkeinmitleidx: Twins!
EmpressStephanie: lol!
EmpressStephanie: I used to have acrylics
EmpressStephanie: and it got way to expensive to maintain so I decided to learn how to do my own nails
xkeinmitleidx: Very awesome :)  Cheaper, too!
EmpressStephanie: yea, exactly
EmpressStephanie: so then I strated off with a few OPIs and it just spiraled out of control
xkeinmitleidx: I remember my first set of gels.  Oh man, they were bad.  I’ve only had a full set a few times
xkeinmitleidx: I used to be a total Ulta junkie
EmpressStephanie: I *wish* I had an ulta nearby
xkeinmitleidx: My Ultas all suck, but I really only go in there to look at the clearance racks and look for exclusives and stuff
xkeinmitleidx: The employees are all so…. ignorant?  Bitchy?  I’m scared to go in there lol
xkeinmitleidx: And Sally is the worst, omg don’t get me started
EmpressStephanie: i know! it’s like as a consumer I shouldn’t know more about the product you are selling than you do!
xkeinmitleidx: Whenever I ask them a question they give me serious attitude, too… Sad :(
EmpressStephanie: : (
EmpressStephanie: I’ve only had someone be a complete asshole to me once
EmpressStephanie: I actually wrote a really long post about it but haven’t posted it yet
xkeinmitleidx: Aw, what happened?
EmpressStephanie: well
xkeinmitleidx: Oh lol
EmpressStephanie: I’m hispanic
EmpressStephanie: and I think he thought that I was going to steal something
EmpressStephanie: which is ridiculous of course
EmpressStephanie: so he just like hoovered over me the entire time I was shopping
EmpressStephanie: and it’s like um… I’m not going to steal nail polish from your shitty store you don’t have to babysit me
xkeinmitleidx: Aw, that happens to me every time I go into Sephora or Ulta.  I’m not hispanic, but maybe I look like I’m going to steal something?
EmpressStephanie: yea I mean I think the way one dresses effects that
xkeinmitleidx: Usually it’s the young teen or pre-teen girls who I see stuffing stuff into their pockets
EmpressStephanie: the day that I went into the same store with the same clerk but I was wearing a suit he was all about asking me what I do for a living and shi
xkeinmitleidx: That’s terrible!
EmpressStephanie: yea it was ridiculous
xkeinmitleidx: I remember we babysat our neighbor once and she came out of the store with a crapload of stolen nail polish!  I was shocked, she was in grade school still!

EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: It was all red though, ugh.  LOL
EmpressStephanie: lol!!!!
EmpressStephanie: I just saw the comment on your blog lol
xkeinmitleidx: Hahaha, I’m so bad.
EmpressStephanie: maybe next time we should a live feed : P
xkeinmitleidx: Perhaps!  I think my regular camera will do something like 20 seconds of video but uh…
xkeinmitleidx: Don’t know how to do it lol
EmpressStephanie: mine does too but I have no idea how to do video editing
xkeinmitleidx: My brother’s pretty good at that, but I don’t know how to do any of it.
EmpressStephanie: lol how does your family feel about your obsession with nail polish?
xkeinmitleidx: I was thinking about making a video sort of thing, a swatch video with pictures and music or something
EmpressStephanie: that’s a good idea
xkeinmitleidx: At first I think it was a problem- they told me I needed help.  LOL.  But now I think they love it-  my mom likes having her nails done (so does my brother, heh) and my dad loves looking at the cool colors.
xkeinmitleidx: How about you?
EmpressStephanie: at first I was afraid my mom would stab me in the face
xkeinmitleidx: LOL
EmpressStephanie: but she’s actually amused by it now
xkeinmitleidx: My husband says, “It’s cheaper than cocaine”
xkeinmitleidx: LMAO
EmpressStephanie: lol no really i spend all my extra money (and more of the time money that isn’t extra) on polish
EmpressStephanie: LOL!
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, I don’t really buy anything other than polish and makeup, so it’s not *too* bad, all the bills get paid!
EmpressStephanie: I find most of the time I just can’t help myself
EmpressStephanie: yea exactly
xkeinmitleidx: I have no self control lol
EmpressStephanie: my nails are always impeccable but I haven’t bought new sneakers in like 3 years lol
EmpressStephanie: I have *zero* really zero self control
EmpressStephanie: I think I
EmpressStephanie: I’m probably going to get to the point where its either buy food or nail polish…
EmpressStephanie: and… well whatever food is overrated
xkeinmitleidx: lol
xkeinmitleidx: Ramen FTW
EmpressStephanie: LOL!
EmpressStephanie: *will swatch for food*
xkeinmitleidx: I’m not really into clothes or movies or anything.  I basically wear band t-shirts and black pants 90% of the time, it’s like a uniform XD
xkeinmitleidx: LOL!  I love it.  I think I need a little cardboard sign to hold up!

EmpressStephanie: should i group all my glitters together as glitters or put them with colors

xkeinmitleidx: Hmmmmm…. I keep my glitters together
EmpressStephanie: yea I think that’s probably the best way too
xkeinmitleidx: Okay, gonna grab another bucket of stuff to sort lol
EmpressStephanie: k
EmpressStephanie: my only other vice is horror movies
EmpressStephanie: although I did used to have a problem with buying books compulsively
xkeinmitleidx: Ooh, Iove books and horror movies!
EmpressStephanie: its so sad because no one I know enjoys horror movies so I usually have to coerce people to go with me
xkeinmitleidx: I like weird foreign films too
EmpressStephanie: me too!
xkeinmitleidx: there’s this Danish movie I love
EmpressStephanie: what is it?
xkeinmitleidx: De Grone Slagtere
xkeinmitleidx: (The Green Butchers)
EmpressStephanie: don’t think I’ve seen that one
EmpressStephanie: what’s it about
xkeinmitleidx: It’s a very dark sort of comedy
EmpressStephanie: love those
xkeinmitleidx: These two guys open a butcher shop, but aren’t getting any customers.  They accidentally kill someone in the shop and hide it by marnating the ‘meat’ and selling it and become super successful
xkeinmitleidx: LOL
EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: But (spoiler)
xkeinmitleidx: In the end, it wasn’t really the meat the people liked, it was the marinade
xkeinmitleidx: lol
xkeinmitleidx: So funny
EmpressStephanie: have you seen Delicatessen?
xkeinmitleidx: No!  What’s that one?  Same sort of thing?
EmpressStephanie: yea it’s french
xkeinmitleidx: I’ll have to get that
xkeinmitleidx: I like cheesy zombie movies too
EmpressStephanie: basically its like a post apocalyptic world where there’s no food
EmpressStephanie: it gets really really silly
xkeinmitleidx: I’ve been wanting to rent “Dead And Breakfast”
EmpressStephanie: but it’s kind of hard to get into
xkeinmitleidx: ahhh sounds good, I like weird movies :D
xkeinmitleidx: Or… The Gingerbread Man starring Gary Busey lol
EmpressStephanie: LOL
EmpressStephanie: thank god for netflix
xkeinmitleidx: Sometimes some good stuff ends up in my OnDemand free channels
xkeinmitleidx: Saw this one, can’t remember the name… Hmmm
xkeinmitleidx: Wind Chill?
EmpressStephanie: hmm dunno
xkeinmitleidx: That was kinda cool.  Reminded me a little of Silent Hill
EmpressStephanie: oh man
EmpressStephanie: I was *SO* excited for silent hill
EmpressStephanie: I set myself up for disappointment
xkeinmitleidx: I was disappointed that they changed the plot from the game to the movie :(
xkeinmitleidx: I think they’re releasing a Silent Hill 2 soon
EmpressStephanie: ahh
EmpressStephanie: well i mean I’ll see it of course
EmpressStephanie: the best thing i’ve seen lately is Cloverfield
xkeinmitleidx: I have a hard time with game-movies and book-movies
EmpressStephanie: and I really loved the Orphanage
xkeinmitleidx: Oh, I haven’t seen those
xkeinmitleidx: My favorite of all time is Kansen.  I could watch that movie 100 times.
xkeinmitleidx: So bad but so good.
EmpressStephanie: you’ll love the Orphanage
xkeinmitleidx: I’ll have to look for it, I haven’t seen a movie in quite some time.  Last thing I saw was Arnold killing satan or something like that lol
EmpressStephanie: Is Kansen, infection?
xkeinmitleidx: Yes!  Love that freakin movie lol
EmpressStephanie: its awesome
EmpressStephanie: I love the lighting
EmpressStephanie: do you have Essie Encore?

xkeinmitleidx: Hmm… I might
xkeinmitleidx: I’ll have to look :)
EmpressStephanie: im trying to figure out what color it is
xkeinmitleidx: Woo, final count, 51 Orlys
EmpressStephanie: GEEZUZ
EmpressStephanie: I don’t know very many orlys at all
xkeinmitleidx: According to my list I have Encore *goes digging*
xkeinmitleidx: They take a long time to dry but have very nice colors
EmpressStephanie: I don’t have drying issue post-Seche
EmpressStephanie: issues*
EmpressStephanie: it changed the course of my life
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: :D
xkeinmitleidx: Encore… hmm… greyish pinkish lilac?
xkeinmitleidx: I agree, Seche changed my life!
EmpressStephanie: should I put it with the lilacs?
xkeinmitleidx: That’s where I had mine :D
EmpressStephanie: k lol
EmpressStephanie: how many do you own total?
xkeinmitleidx: oh, hell… Umm…. no idea
EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: I think I’ll inventory everything eventually and add up the totals :D  I might surprise myself!
EmpressStephanie: I own more untried than trieds
EmpressStephanie: it’s ridiculous
xkeinmitleidx: I have uploaded 573 pics to nailgal
xkeinmitleidx: lol
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, you know, I think I do too
EmpressStephanie: WOw
xkeinmitleidx: I haz problem.  >.<
xkeinmitleidx: lol
EmpressStephanie: yea I mean it’s impossible to wear them at the same pace that I buy them in : P
EmpressStephanie: nail polish fail lol
xkeinmitleidx: lol!
xkeinmitleidx: I’ve been doing a different color on left and right hands lately lol
xkeinmitleidx: But with all the swatching I do, I never get to *wear* my polish anymore
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: yea that started happening to me too
EmpressStephanie: which is why now I only do swatching on sundays
EmpressStephanie: I’ll do as many as I can then I call it quits for the week
xkeinmitleidx: I should set a schedule or something
EmpressStephanie: I need to be able to wear them or else I get bummed
xkeinmitleidx: I try to do all my requests first but when I get something really cool and new sometimes I have t swatch it right away
xkeinmitleidx: Yeah, me too
xkeinmitleidx: I feel like a swatching machine lately
EmpressStephanie: Yea I started to feel that way too
EmpressStephanie: it started to be not fun
EmpressStephanie: lol and it started to hurt my personal relationships
xkeinmitleidx: Uh oh!
xkeinmitleidx: Sorry, I have a date with Essie tonight
xkeinmitleidx: hehehe
EmpressStephanie: no really, cause would just stay home on weekends and swatch ignoring everyone and everything
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: That’s what I do normally!  lol
EmpressStephanie: and I would yell at people if they bothered me while I was doing it LOL
xkeinmitleidx: Dude, I do that too lol
xkeinmitleidx: But I am not a very social person to begin with, I’d much rather read a book than go out and meet people
xkeinmitleidx: I get overwhelmed easily
EmpressStephanie: to be honest me too
EmpressStephanie: but unfortunately people drag me out of the house constantly
xkeinmitleidx: lol
EmpressStephanie: I like to just sit on my butt all day play with nail polish and watch law & order
EmpressStephanie: svu – specifically
xkeinmitleidx: HELL YEAH
EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: lol we could be twins
xkeinmitleidx: Although I’m a huge CSI fan also
EmpressStephanie: I am too but netflix has SVU streaming
EmpressStephanie: so I cna literally
EmpressStephanie: can*
EmpressStephanie: sit in my room ALL day
xkeinmitleidx: Nice :D
xkeinmitleidx: I have been spending too much time on Makeup Alley
EmpressStephanie: my roommates rag on me about it all th etime
EmpressStephanie: MUA is responsible the for the speedy decline into what I have become
xkeinmitleidx: Ok, I just pulled out a Zoya polish called Amminah.  I have never, ever met anyone named Amminah. Is that even a real name>
EmpressStephanie: I had like 10 polishes or something when I started posting there
EmpressStephanie: Sounds… um Egyptian? maybe?
xkeinmitleidx: I was already well into my addiction when you invited me to MUA :D
xkeinmitleidx: Perhaps… Hmm..  I will have to look in the phone book haha
EmpressStephanie: lol yea I remember when we stumbled upon your blog – it was meant to be
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: Totally, I owe you one!
xkeinmitleidx: Nail Board is like my drug now lol
EmpressStephanie: yea its nice to know there are other people out there that are crazy too
xkeinmitleidx: The cashier at SuperTarget last night had bright skittles!

xkeinmitleidx: If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were the new Misa brights
xkeinmitleidx: But on overgrown acrylics :)
EmpressStephanie: ah I was about to say – it might have been an NB person
EmpressStephanie: but overgrown acrylics are a nb sin
xkeinmitleidx: Maybe we need a secrey code
xkeinmitleidx: It seems like any acrylics are a NB sin lol
EmpressStephanie: “the eagle flies to sally’s”
xkeinmitleidx: lmao!
EmpressStephanie: lol yea i know
EmpressStephanie: i don’t hate acrylics
EmpressStephanie: to each their own
xkeinmitleidx: I think it’s just that everyone has had bad acrylics done.
EmpressStephanie: ruh roh i just found a duplicate polish I have to CG mint chocolates
xkeinmitleidx: Oooh!
EmpressStephanie: yea its hard to find a good nail tech
xkeinmitleidx: Very.  That’s why I do my own nails :)  All those cheap nail chop shops don’t do anyone any good :(
EmpressStephanie: yea
EmpressStephanie: I actually got thrown out of one oncce
EmpressStephanie: they can be really really rude

xkeinmitleidx: Sorry!  Internet went out again
EmpressStephanie: lol its ok
xkeinmitleidx: I swear, every time it rains the freaking power and phone go out
EmpressStephanie: i’m going to stop for a sec to grab a bite
EmpressStephanie: brb : )
xkeinmitleidx: kk :)
EmpressStephanie: k back
xkeinmitleidx: kk
EmpressStephanie: im having the abomination i made the other day
xkeinmitleidx: uploading some pics
xkeinmitleidx: Oh yeah?
EmpressStephanie: lol yea my failed attempt at making pad thai
xkeinmitleidx: Mmmm pad thai
EmpressStephanie: yea normally delicious : P
xkeinmitleidx: lol
EmpressStephanie: it’s edible but next time I will follow the instructions
xkeinmitleidx: I made a really, really bad key lime pie once.  I followed the directions on the bag!
EmpressStephanie: LOL
xkeinmitleidx: I’m normally an awesome cook, but that pie was VILE
EmpressStephanie: I suck at cooking
EmpressStephanie: i always screw it up in some horrible way
xkeinmitleidx: Aw, I’ll cook for you :D
xkeinmitleidx: Woot, 90 zoyas so far XD
EmpressStephanie: I used to be a Zoya hater but I really love them now
xkeinmitleidx: I never heard of Zoya until I saw an ad in some magazine
xkeinmitleidx: Then I ordered Downtown fell in love :D
EmpressStephanie: it was downtown that turned me off to them Suvi and Kotori looked horrible on me
xkeinmitleidx: Aww
EmpressStephanie: Do you have OPI Wanted Red of Alive?
xkeinmitleidx: I don’t think I have that one!
EmpressStephanie: darn, I’m trying to figure out whether I should put it with the reds or pinks
EmpressStephanie: it’s like a weird hot pinkish red
xkeinmitleidx: Hm… Not sure on that one
xkeinmitleidx: Gonna edit a couple pics and then go through my Misas
EmpressStephanie: k
EmpressStephanie: I’m still sorting my unsorteds
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: Hehehehe :D
EmpressStephanie: you know
xkeinmitleidx: Hm?
EmpressStephanie: I really wasn’t impressed by the Indian collection
EmpressStephanie: so I didn’t get any of them except for Moon Over Mumbai
EmpressStephanie: but I’ve been slowly swapping for and purchasing them and it’s actually not a bad collection at all
xkeinmitleidx: I like the collection more now than I did when it came out
EmpressStephanie: yea really, I wonder why that is
xkeinmitleidx: I bought the whole thing when it came out, but only liked one or two
xkeinmitleidx: I love em all now… Not sure why!
xkeinmitleidx: I don’t even like red but I love Keys To My Karma!
EmpressStephanie: yea I just got that one it’s gorgeous
EmpressStephanie: I think I’m just going to get the remaining ones
EmpressStephanie: I’m missing a few
xkeinmitleidx: India Mood is really pretty too
EmpressStephanie: that one is on the way to me
xkeinmitleidx: I think you’ll like it :D
EmpressStephanie: I think I’m going to get YTTGB even though Misa A Sin Worth Committing is an exact dupe
EmpressStephanie: yea definitely I love those blue undertone hot pinks
xkeinmitleidx: They’re both nice :)
xkeinmitleidx: You know, I only have 3 or 4 Milanis
EmpressStephanie: me too : P
xkeinmitleidx: I had to hunt for that Key Lime one after I saw your pic
xkeinmitleidx: The milani displays are always empty… nothing ever on them
EmpressStephanie: aw : ( I think my CVS has a few of them if you want me to pick it up for you?

xkeinmitleidx: Nah, I found it last night :D
xkeinmitleidx: Walgreens had one shoved back behind the  metallic gold :)
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: I hate it when colors don’t have names
EmpressStephanie: like the hot topic and la girl flare
EmpressStephanie: seriously what is the deal nail polish companies, take the extra minute to NAME YOUR COLORS
xkeinmitleidx: yeah seriously!!
xkeinmitleidx: Especially ones where the name is a number… how am I supposed to remember all those numbers?
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: exactly
xkeinmitleidx: Man this is hard work…. *whew*
EmpressStephanie: I know I’m like laboring over here
EmpressStephanie: I have to shake all these up too
EmpressStephanie: *sigh*
xkeinmitleidx: I just noticed that almost all my misas are separated.  *sigh*  I’ve got some shaking to do too@
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: i periodically shake the whole collection
xkeinmitleidx: It’s therapeutic
xkeinmitleidx: heh
EmpressStephanie: lol
EmpressStephanie: have you tracked down the new LA Girl flare’s yet?
EmpressStephanie: that was last weeks compulsion
xkeinmitleidx: woo power’s back on!
xkeinmitleidx: lol
EmpressStephanie: lol
xkeinmitleidx: The streets are flooded… it’s not even raining that hard!
EmpressStephanie: wow


We called it quits because Scrangie was facing a deluvian storm. lol.


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  1. danielle Says:

    how do i watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steph Says:

    All this reading on polish @_@ I needa go shopping (Online, because NZ is so slack, all we have is opi at $20 a pop)

  3. pretear Says:

    20! Whoa! That’s nuts.

  4. vampyvarnish Says:

    I love this live blogging, thanks! So is there a “final” count on just how many polishes both you & Scrangie own?

  5. pretear Says:

    I’m at 566. Scrangie, however, the world may never know. lol.

  6. Carla G Says:

    Awww, I really enjoyed that. I love that you’re both anti-social too & would rather stay home & read or watch horror movies, lol! I think I must be your long lost triplet sister cos that’s my idea of heaven too! Sometimes I feel like a bit of a freak cos I’d rather stay home & look at pictures of polish on the net but you two have made me feel normal again!! Yay! <3

  7. pretear Says:

    Carla – lol. I’m totally with you on that one. <3 And I’m really glad you enjoyed it. : )

    Danielle – I’m so sorry, for some reason your comments ended up in my spam bin and I didn’t see them until today. : (

  8. danielle Says:

    it ok its because im on a ps3 using internet…i was wondering why they werent showing up!! thanks though… and this was fun!!

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