New Layout, Domain, & Live Blogging Weekend Nonsense!

As you all can see The Polish Addict has a new layout and domain complete with syringes and all. The concept and design are the brain children of my very good friend Nina. I *really* love it and hope you all do too.

The new domain is, please update your links. The old site will redirect to this one for a while but eventually it won’t anymore. Now that I’m on my own domain I have a lot more flexibility with the content and structure of the site so if you have some blog feature or whatever that you would like to see implemented on the Polish Addict drop me a comment about it.

And finally, Scrangie and I are planning to live blog on both our sites while we reorganize our stashes this Saturday starting at around 1pm EST. Join us to participate in the shenanigans, get to know us better, and peak at our collections (hers is waaaaay more impressive than mine!). We’ll also be taking requests and answering questions. : )


22 Responses to “New Layout, Domain, & Live Blogging Weekend Nonsense!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    LOVE the new look! It’s absolutely swoon worthy.

  2. vampyvarnish Says:

    The new site looks great!

  3. kathywa Says:

    Outstanding new look! Can’t wait for the live blog!!! Wheee!!!!

  4. Mazoo Says:

    Love the new layout. It actually makes your swatches look more vibrant!

  5. Chaosophia Says:

    The new layout is awesome! Nice upgrade. :D

  6. *jen Says:

    I. LOVE. IT.
    Stunning and striking and all of those good things!

  7. Stef Says:

    I LOVE the new layout, the image at the top is such a perfect fit to the overall theme. Great work!!

  8. pretear Says:

    Melanie – Thank you. : ) I really love it too.

    Vampy Varnish – Thanks. : P

    Kathywa – : ) Thank you and definitely stop by for the live blog it’s going to be really fun.

    Mazoo – Thank you and you know now that I look at it, you’re it does make the pictures look brighter! Who knew? lol.

    Chaosophia – Thank you. : )

    *jen – : P Thanks.

    Stef – I agree, that banner was designed by my friend and she found the perfect layout to put it on. She really did a great job. The whole thing really brings out the addiction theme. lol.

  9. Elma Says:

    The new layout looks great! It’s a nice waker-upper seeing it this morning.
    Thanks again on the lightbox help!

  10. Erin Says:

    Love it! We’re happy for you.

  11. Sminkan Says:

    The blog looks great! Nice colors!!

  12. Masa_inn Says:

    New design is wonderful!

    What *is* liveblogging? I did some quick Google research, but still pretty clueless. Will you have some kind of transcript for those who will miss the event? /I’m so out of the loop/

  13. pretear Says:

    Elma – lol, no problem and thank you. : )

    Erin – <3

    Sminkan – Thank you!

    Masa – “Live Blogging” is something that like political and sports bloggers do during some important event. Scrangie and I thought it would be funny to do a live blogging session while we reorganize our stashes. And basically live blogging is just fast quick updates, chat room style, during the course of the event that one is blogging about, so yes you’ll be able to read it even if you can’t be there while we’re doing it. : )

  14. Claire Says:

    The new site is awesome! I really love it! I can’t wait for you and Scrangie to do the liveblogging! It’s going to be so much fun!

  15. Nina Says:

    If I miss the live blog will there be a way to watch it after the fact?

  16. pretear Says:

    Claire – Thank and yea it is, drop by! : )

    Nina – It won’t be filmed but there will be tons of pictures and a transcript. : )

  17. Hailey Says:

    I had a few seconds to spare and I wanted to see what you had been posting. I LOVE the new layout! It is very pro looking. ♥

  18. pretear Says:

    Thank you! That means a ton coming from you, I love your layouts. <3

  19. Emelie Says:

    Very nice new layout! And I’m looking forward to see the pics from the liveblogging later :)

  20. danielle Says:

    how do i watch the live blogging im on my ps3 so i hope we dont need flash or i will be super bummed :( and when will it end i need to wait until he leaves to watch it :(

  21. siamesekiss Says:

    I may the only one that doesn’t like the syringe. The layout and colors are gorgeous but that syringe freaks me out (I’m not phobic about them either). Can’t wait to see stash pics, I imagine both of you have enormous spaces full of n/p!

  22. Steph Says:

    My goodness! My eletrics been down for 3 days and I feel like I’ve missed everything! Love the new layout :-)

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