Professional with a Twist: Zoya Deidra

Generally, I tend to associate work apropriate polishes with creme finishes, but every once in a while I encounter a good shimmery polish that can pass for work appropriate. Zoya Deidra is exactly that – a gorgeous mauve with glowing fine gold shimmer. I’m calling it a shimmer but the finish is probably more akin to a frost. This mani is 1 coat of Zoya Anchor, 2 coats of Deidra, 1 coat of seche. I had no application issues and it wore very well.

What I particularly love about this color is that it’s stunningly chic despite the fact that’s it’s fairly subtle. It’s refreshing when I find colors like this in my stash. It helps to stave off the plague of the work appropriate polish purgatory.

This picture is an accurate depiction of the color but there’s a good bit more shimmer in real life. In the shade, it’s sort of a borderline grayed out mauve but in the sunlight it just gleams gold. This color is probably too much for really really consversative offices but I think it would be a great color to wear just about every where else.

P.S. I recently had a bad break so this is one of the last long nail pictures we’ll have here on the Polish Addict for a while. Boooo.


Disclosure: I think Deidra was sent to me as a part of a collection for review by Zoya.


7 Responses to “Professional with a Twist: Zoya Deidra”

  1. Masa_inn Says:

    Your nails are TDF. Dixi :)

  2. Jessica Says:

    great post as usual!
    sorry to hear about the break, i did something drastic this past weekend and got an acrylic overlay over my nails because i just couldn’t take the breakage anymore. i alternate between loving and hating it.

  3. pretear Says:

    Masa – Thank you : )

    Jessica – Ah. I know most people really hate acrylics but I don’t have a problem with them. I had them for a long time and they were definitely a pain in the butt to maintain but they have their positive side too.

  4. CrazyNails Says:

    This was beautiful. I think it’s the gold shimmer that makes it so special

  5. pretear Says:

    Yea I think so too. : )

  6. Jason Says:

    Sensational! Even being a ‘work’ color, it is really a pretty color. And yes, as Crazynails says, the gold shimmer really dresses it up!

  7. sarah Says:

    I cant find this color on the zoya site :( discontinued?

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