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OPI Holiday in Toyland Swatches Part I

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The fall blitzkrieg is mostly over and now we’re barreling towards the winter collections. The OPI Holiday in Toyland collection is composed of 6 very unique colors and 6 reds. I’m splitting this collection up into two posts accordingly. The Nailphile has swatches of the whole collection up right now in case you’d like to see the reds as well. (As a side note, I apologize for the lack of posting lately, this is my last year of law school and I’ve been swamped with the job search, etc.)

OPI You’re A Doll is a sheer muted pink with silverish frost-shimmer finish. The unique aspect of this color is the multi-sized reddish copper flecks that run throughout. This color is fairly sheer, I used 3 coats to get full coverage and bottle color. This is what I would like to refer to as a ‘sneaky professional color’, like Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge. It’s definitely professional and work appropriate but you can have the personal satisfaction of knowing you’re operating outside the status quo with your little coppery flecks. That might be something that only amuses me though, I know, I’m weird.

OPI Baby, It’s “Coal” Outside is probably my favorite from this collection. It’s slightly more gray than a pure black and it’s infused with silvery glitter. The glitter is potentially multi-sized. It’s hard to tell because the glitter is so small. This is 2 coats. The image above is without flash, below is with flash.

OPI Brand New Skates is silvery charcoal with irridescent glitter that flashes green and copper tones. This shade applies sheer but is buildable. This is 3 coats.

OPI Glamour Game, my second favorite from this set, is a gorgeous, chic… um… that’s where my powers of description end. It’s a very light champagne gold sheer with a finish that is both shimmery and frosty. Glamour Game has green to copper toned flecks of glitter similar to the ones found in Brand New Skates. This swatch is 3 coats. The image above was taken in indoor lighting, the image below was taken in direct sunlight.

OPI Play ‘Til Midnight is a deep blurple (more purple than blue, my picture is inaccurate as always) with blue and purple shimmer throughout. I used 3 coats because I tend apply very thin coats of polish – I think most people can get away with 2 coats. The ‘me’ of yesteryear would have loved the daylights out of this color but I think my collection has reached critical mass when it comes to purples. I can’t believe my fingers just typed those words.

OPI “Sheer” Your Toys! is another sheer, simultaneously frosty and shimmery subtly pinkish gray with multi-sized reddish copper flecks. This is 3 coats as well. I like the creative thematic design scheme present in this collection, the repeated use of green to copper toned glitter, combine frost and shimmer finish, and reddish-coppery flecks gives this collection that extra… oomph of uniqueness. I really love this set of colors.

This collection is up for sale now on


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by OPI.


Post-Birthday Post: OPI Birthday Babe

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes.

I, of course, wore OPI Birthday Babe for the big day – rather the really uneventful day. The boyfriend and I had tickets to the worst production of Hamlet ever. This Hamlet was even more emo than Shakespeare intended the character to be. The actor wore his hair in the quintessential emo style (parted, slightly over the eyes) and skinny pants. His rendering of Hamlet involved a lot of screaming.  It was basically a lame attempted Baz Luhrmann rip-off. We had to leave at the intermission. There definitely was something rotten in the State of Denmark.

Enough about me, let me tell you about the polish. OPI Birthday Babe, a light silver with a frosty finish from the 25th Happy Anniversary Collection, was sadly disappointing. It’s not sheer but it’s pretty thin so I needed 3 thick-ish coats to get rid of VPL. No doubt, it’s a gorgeous color but it was fairly hard to apply. As expected of a frosty finish, the brush strokes were abundant. Even worse, it showed all the imperfections on my nail bed. Next year, I’ll probably have to wear it over Barielle Nail Camouflage to resolve the imperfect magnification issue. Yes, despite the fact that it didn’t ‘wow’ me, I’m going to continue wearing it on my birthday every year until my bottle runs dry. I’m stubborn about my polish names, can you tell?

I only wore this color for 2 or so days. The day after my birthday, I had an extremely important job interview. Consequently, I trimmed my nails to the nubs, removed the flashy color, and dawned the ultra chic professional OPI Tickle My France-y. Little did I know, my interviewers had a fine appreciation for cool nail polish and long nails. The ultra conservativeness was completely unnecessary. I was under the impression that half my collection would be on the bench next year after I start my legal career, so it makes me absolutely ecstatic to know that successful female prosecutors can have fabulous nails if they so desire.


More Giveaway Fun: Color Club Frankenpolish Contest

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

What is a frankenpolish?

Basically, you take two more polishes and combine them to create a new color. That’s just the beginning: girls use clear polish, make-up pigment, glitter, etc., to create new looks. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

So, how does this contest work?

(1) Create a frankenpolish using any Color Club polish or product. You can use other brands as long as you use at least one Color Club product as a component of your creation.

(2) Post a swatch of your polish, it’s name, your recipe for the color, and a little blurb about your creation in the comments section of this entry. Your entries will be judged by myself and 2 other mystery nail polish bloggers. Judging will be based on creativity of color and design and, of course, the judges’ personal tastes.

(3) You will win extra points if you take a picture of your best mad scientist pose, holding up your franken bottle, screaming “it’s ALIVE! ALIIIIIIIIVE!”

(4) The last day to submit an entry will be October 15th.


Yup! The winner will receive the entire Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection. 1 runner up will receive the Color Club Best of the Best mini set (contains Honey Bee, Just Chill, Special Effects, and Killer Curves). I’ll have swatches of these colors up before the contest is over!

Franken away! *evil cackle*

Side note: This is my 100th post! Wooo.


Disclosure: Prize provided courtesy of Color Club.


Fall Blitzkrieg: Lippmann Collection Holiday 2008 Swatches

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I just want to remind everyone that the last day to enter The First Ever Polish Addict Giveaway for the Color Club Musique Collection is today. The winner will be selected tomorrow. : )

With that said, I’m pretty smitten with the new Lippmann Collection Holiday releases. What I particular like about this collection is that there is one color that is absolutely perfect for every major category in nail polish preference. There is a color for dainty lovers, the shimmer reds/pinks lovers, the vampy lovers, and the bling lovers. (Guess where I belong?)

Lippmann Collection Icing on the Cake is the light pink version of Lippmann Collection Rhapsody in White. Unfortunately, it has the same brush stroke issues but it is very pretty and delicate. I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing can be done about the brush stroke issues inherent to frosties. *Sigh*. This swatch is 3 coats.

Lippmann Collection Holiday is a red jelly with red and fuchsia microglitter. The shimmeriness is much more obvious in person than in my image above. It adds depth and glow to the bright base red. Holida is very color-appropriate moniker. Of the four releases in this collection, Holiday is definitely the most traditional Holiday-type color. I foresee this one being pretty popular during the Winter. My swatch is 4 coats because I’m not a fan of VPL. However, the application is *perfect* so if you don’t hate VPL, this color is definitely wearable at 2 coats.

Lippmann Collection Maneater. I’m the idiot that will buy a color just because I like the name. So I really LOVE it when an awesome color meets a badass name. A deep dark vampy brown called Maneater? Ummm…. I’m all over that one. Maneater has a jelly quality too it but it’s such a rich brown that it’s almost black on the nail – still gorgeous though. This swatch is 3 coats.

Lippmann Collection Superstar is hands down my FAVORITE from this collection. Copper Glitter in jelly brown base, it’s almost like Deborah Lippmann peeked into my dreams. Superstar has fairly chunky glitter in it but I got pretty good smoothness with 2 coats of Seche Vite. This swatch is two coats.

Scrangie has swatches of this collection on her site too. Lippmann Collection is available online or at some Bath & Body Work locations.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Lippmann Collection.


Dear Nars, Stop Screwing Around! GIVE US ZULU!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19th, 2008

I can’t take it anymore! Zulu is being scalped on ebay again. Two weeks ago it sold for $76! It’s never going to stop and Zulu is the lemming that is never going to die. The Polish Addict hereby declares war on Nars. We’re launching a guerilla style campaign for the re-release of this god forsaken color. As a part of the ‘Give Us Zulu’ (G.U.Z.) campaign we ask that you guys sign the petition! Email nars! Link them to the ridiculous ebay auctions! Give them a piece of your mind! Hopefully they will finally appease their loyal customers by giving us what we want! GIVE US ZULU!

If you have a blog, site, facebook, anything please spread the word! Also you can read my previous tirade on this subject here.


Mega-Lemming Fulfilled: Clarins 209 Ocean Bleu Abysse

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Nail polish is one hell of drug. I’ve been lemming Clarins 209 Ocean Bleu Abysse since time began. I had just about given up hope when someone (who I am now forever indebted too) alerted me to this weird nail polish e-tailer. I say it’s weird because the site carried several discontinued Clarins colors for half price – absolutely shocking. This site also had Dior Liquorice in stock. That definitely raised some red flags because Liquorice was supposed to be a Nordstrom exclusive. But I figured, whatever, I’ll take the gamble. I’m glad I did – I mean, sure, my bottle of Liquorice has the serial number shaved off with a dremmel but it’s all good. Now I own the coveted Clarins 209 *and* I got to stick it to the man. As a side not, The Nailphile is planning to post a comparison soon as well and according to her, Sparitual Solitude is dead on for Clarins 209.

For those of you who want Clarins 209 but don’t have access to it you can try L.A. Girl Flare Bedazzle which is still readily available online.

It’s not an exact dupe but definitely good enough. 209 is darker and more pigmented. In fact, I’d say that 209 is borderline too thick especially when compared to Bedazzle that needed 3 coats to reach opacity and bottle color. Bedazzle can also potentially cause a good bit of cuticle drag so it’s going to require a longer wait period between coats. Finally, 209 dries glossy and Bedazzle dries matte like a neon. Of course, I think it’s worth it to own both. ; )