Back by Popular Demand: Work Appropriate Polishes – Rescue Beauty Lounge Edition

I’m so happy that you guys actually enjoy these work appropriate posts. The work appropriate theme is going to comprise a huge portion of a my posts for a while since I mostly write about the colors I’m currently wearing. : )

In any case, close to 1/4 of my collection are ‘work appropriate’ colors. You’d be surprised at how much variation there are in the classic professional looking colors. Nudes, taupes, pinks, and soft shades don’t have to be boring. I’m going to start a series of articles showcasing 3 of my favorite work appropriate colors from all my favorite brands. First up, Rescue Beauty Lounge.

I’m sure that no one will be shocked that Scrangie was the source of my lemmings for the following 3 colors.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Om is a strangely calming color, making the name very appropriate. Even so, it’s probably the most ‘serious’ muted pink in my collection. This swatch is 3 coats of Om, 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge is my stick-it-to-the-man color (Ohh hoo hoo I’m sitting in your meeting wearing a color called Grunge, ha!). It’s a serious business appropriate color but at the same time it’s very moody and edgy. This color came out a while ago but it fits perfectly into the current mushroomy grayed-out color trend.  Grunge looks creme 99.9% of the time but it actually has a whitish shimmer throughout. The shimmer is not highly light refractive which is why no one will ever see it. The danger of Grunge (and all similar mushroomy grayed-out colors like it) is that it may be a tough color to pull of successfully. Mushroomies seem to not flatter very pale skin tones and are seemingly more suitable to skin tones like my own. This swatch is 3 coats, 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Finally, Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude. Scrangie’s swatch (linked above) is a more accurate depiction of Opaque Nude’s bottle color. My swatch is darker due to lighting and my skin tone which brings out the ‘nudeness’ of this color. In my opinion, Opaque Nude is border-line business appropriate, perfectly okay for a less conservative office. I say this only because it might be too obvious. I feel like business appropriate colors have to be subtle, pretty but not necessarily noticeable and for most people this color will be very noticeable.


Disclosure: I’m not 100% sure how I ended up with these colors but I believe I purhcased Grunge. I think Om and Opaque Nude were sent to me for review at my request by Rescue Beauty Lounge.


27 Responses to “Back by Popular Demand: Work Appropriate Polishes – Rescue Beauty Lounge Edition”

  1. Angel Says:

    Ahhh…just beautiful, really lovely. I want all three. This is the post that will make me try RBL polishes, that and the killa red when you linked to Scrangie. :) Thank you!

  2. Nina Says:

    All three colors are so pretty! I’m glad I can wear any color to work, I feel your pain though :)

  3. Mrs. Schwartz Says:

    This is great! Thank you for these great posts! I love Opaque Nude and now my new fav is Sheer Nude and Shimmer Pink! :)

  4. Sminkan Says:

    You make them look beautiful and interesting. On me, no, they would be all wrong with skintone I think. I am so happy we don’t have a dress code at work. I can wear anything I like. I am teacher. Teenagers don’t mind blue and green nails. ;D

  5. Andie Says:

    love love RBLs! damn girl, you are making me burn through some serious cash on RBL! hehe keep up the work appropriate polishes! i have the same ordeal, certain shades of pink raises eyebrows where i work! =*( booo

  6. Stefanie Says:

    Great swatches, I think Om and Opaque Nude will be added to my wishlist-they’re so flattering and chic! I love the look of grunge on you but I fear it would give me ‘zombie hand’ (damn glow-in-the-dark pale skin!!)
    Lovely nails as usual :)


  7. dami Says:

    i’m jealous of your RBL collection and your ability to wear those pale shades.

  8. diann_co Says:

    LOVE!!! If you want an opaque pink I recommend Sweet Sixteen!

  9. robyn Says:

    these are all gorgeous!!
    so, you think that opaque nude is less work appropriate than grunge? opaque nude seems far less obvious to me.
    i REALLY REALLY want grunge, but i’m thinking about your comment about pale skin….maybe i couldn’t pull it off.

  10. Jody Says:

    You have the most beautiful nails ever. I am so jealous. Just took off acrylics and am trying to grow out my stubs to even a healthy short length.

  11. Jessica Says:

    This is so helpful! Although ironic too- I finally got on the subject of NP at work (someone mentioned getting a mani) and casually asked if vampies or crazy colors are inappropriate for the office- and they said no one cares! Woohoo!

    I love love love Grunge though.

  12. pretear Says:

    Angel – At the risk of sounding like I’m hocking this stuff, RBL is really great you won’t be disappointed. : P

    Nina – I do feel pain, a lot of it lol.

    Mrs. Schwartz – Sheer Nude and Shimmer Pink are now on my list of “to tries”.

    Sminkan – Lucky! I think you and Scrangie has similar skin tones and these looked excellent on her.

    Andie – Pink!?! Really? Do tell… I’m actually interested in hearing stories like this because I’m going to compile them in an article. Definitely let me know. : )

    Stefanie – I think Grunge is hit or miss. It looks awesome on Scrangie who has lighter skin than mine but I’ve heard lots of girls complain about the zombieness, ultimately I think it’s a personal thing.

    Dami – lol. I do love my pales. : )

    Diann_co – Okie, added to my wish list. : )

    Robyn – Well I guess it depends on skin tone – I’m dark enough that Opaque Nude looks really bright on me. I think it’s still work appropriate. I wouldn’t let my comment put you off to Grunge – have you seen Scrangie’s pics? She’s a lot lighter than I am and I think it looks great on her, but I’ve seen some girls with paler skin complain that it doesn’t look good on them. Like I told Stefanie, I think it’s a personal thing.

    Jody – Thank you! If you keep them painted they’ll grow strong and quickly. : )

    Jessica – LOL. Well I think that’s great. My boss wore open toe shoes the other day and she was wearing blue nail polish. I’m getting the impression that no one would really care at my job either but I’m really afraid of looking unprofessional. The legal community is very small, rumors fly. *sigh*

  13. *jen Says:

    Oh my, these look gorgeous!

    Wanna play a game with us? Check it out on my blog -



  14. pretear Says:

    I’m down to play. : P

  15. Kay Says:

    I really love Om!!! Your nails (and photos) are beautiful!
    Just wondering whether there is an Om equivalent in OPI or China Glaze?

  16. HaileyCosmic @ Says:

    I love Om on you!!!

  17. lindzertart Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I love the work appropriate polishes!

  18. pretear Says:

    Kay – Not that I can think of but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there. I’ll keep an eye out. : )

    Hailey – Thank you!

    Lindzertart – You’re welcome! <3

  19. Lucia Says:

    Hi :) the RBL opaque nude is beatiful!!! do you recommend a similar nude from Essie or China Glaze or Creative …..? thank you!

  20. pretear Says:

    Ah… unfortunately no. : ( I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I find something.

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  22. Mango Says:

    I love opaque nude and was wondering if there are any other colors like it. $18 dollars is a lot to shell out for one bottle, so I’m pulling out all the stops! Thanks!!

  23. Steph Says:

    Ahh… no I haven’t seen anything exactly like it but I’m sure something exists, I’ll keep an eye out.

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