Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Rodeo Diva Swatches Part 2

Finally, here’s the remaining colors from the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Swatches, I apologize for the delay. You can see the first set here. The sun cooperated a whole lot of not at all in photographing of these swatches. The remaining colors in the Rodeo Diva Collection applied very well, 2 coats each, excellent consistency, except where noted.

China Glaze Red Stallion is a shimmery mid-tone red. It’s a pretty color but you guys know how I feel about shimmery reds.

China Glaze Prize Winning Mare is more my type of thing. I actually like it more in the shade than in the sunlight with full on shimmer. In the shade, it’s a more subtle gold speckled brown, very beautiful. Scrangie thinks it’s somewhat similar to Dior Gold Nugget.

China Glaze Golden Spurs is tan with gold shimmer. I noticed that when I applied it with 2 thin coats I got a lighter shade than when I used 2 thick coats which gave me a darker tan shade.

Oh man China Glaze Cowgirl Up was a pain in the butt to photograph. I apologize for the glare, the sun was setting and there were many clouds over head (Tropical Storm Fay hates nail polish apparently). I was only able to take a few snaps before the weather thwarted my efforts completely. Cowgirl Up, a violet with multi-toned blurple shimmer, is a much loved color from this collection, but again, probably not for me.

China Glaze Branding Iron is a brownish red with gorgeous red shimmer. Branding Iron is like a browner lighter version OPI Midnight in Moscow. I did have some difficulties with the application of Branding Iron – my bottle was really thick.

China Glaze Yee-Haw! is my least favorite color in this entire collection. It’s peach with gold shimmer. As soon as I saw this one I knew I would feel that way so I decided to use it for a manicure. Sometimes colors grow on me, that’s not the case here. There’s nothing wrong with Yee-Haw! per se, it’s actually a really pretty color – but colors like this just don’t suit me.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by China Glaze.


8 Responses to “Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Rodeo Diva Swatches Part 2”

  1. Jason Says:

    Red Stallion and Prize-Winning Mare take the prize for me! These are gorgeous colors! I don’t wear reds myself, but I can still admire them! The ‘Mare’ color is one I could definitely get away with though.
    Thanks Steph! Great shots as usual. : )

  2. dami Says:

    your picture of Cow Girl Up is making me 2nd guess my decision to buy it. i hope i like it! and i really like the shimmery red on you. but yea, I myself am not a big fan of them either.

  3. pretear Says:

    Jason – Thanks and let me know what you think when you get them.

    Dami – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in it – my swatch isn’t that great – I had difficulties like I mentioned.

  4. Melanie Says:

    My bottle of Branding Iron looks NOTHING like yours. It’s a deep blackened burgundy with no brown at all.

  5. pretear Says:

    Hmm… does it look like Scrangie’s? I looked at her swatch and it’s a pretty good depiction of what my bottle looks like, maybe I’m describing it incorrectly.

  6. Scrangie Says:

    Those all look PERFECT on you. It makes me want them and I already have them… Your pictures seem to do that to me often :D

  7. Steph Says:

    Oooh, China Glaze has such an awesome fall collection. They all look fab!

  8. College Candy » Nailing It: Nail Polish Trends, Fall 2008 Says:

    [...] Precious Metals Metallics are another popular trend in nails this fall, whether you go with gold, bronze or copper tones, or if you infuse the metallic trend into the colors of the season (purples, browns, greys, etc.). Chanel came out with, D’or Gold Fiction, a new limited edition, high-in-demand gold polish that is extremely pricey ($30!!!), but most nail polish lines carry their own versions of gold that can look similar with an extra coat or two. Try OPI, or China Glaze’s new collection for the fall called Rodeo Diva. It really plays up on the metallic trend and you can find all sorts of colors, from green to brown to another gorgeous purple hue. You can see swatches of this collection here and here. [...]

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