Fall Blitzkrieg: Zoya Vibe Collection Swatches

As I said in the previous post, I like simple red or vampy cremes – they’re classy, sophisticated, and almost always appropriate for any occasion. No, they aren’t unique, and yes, we’ve seen these colors before but as far as I’m concerned polish companies can continue to make as many vampies as they want with no criticism from me. I suppose the problem is most people, Scrangie for example, don’t feel the same way, which is why Zoya Vibe hasn’t gotten as much love as its shimmery sister collection Pulse. I prefer Vibe over Pulse a million times over, but I think might just be the only person on earth that feels that way. I didn’t have any application issues with Vibe, except where noted. Almost all these colors applied perfectly with 2 coats.

Zoya Sam and Zoya Nina look deceptively similar but that’s due to my inadequacy as a photographer. In person, they are noticeably different with Sam being more berry toned and Nina being very visibly brown. This swatch is 3 coats. Zoya Sam gave me some cuticle drag, so a third coat was necessary to even the application out. I think good coverage with 2 coats is possible, I was just being impatient with my swatches. I think Sam will always be slightly darker on the nail than the bottle color because it darkens as it dries.

If you read my blog often, you’ll know that brown is one of my white whales. Even though I passionately love all browns, I have a tough time finding browns that flatter my skin tone. I’m finding that darker browns like Nina and Essie Chocolate Kisses suit my skin tone pretty well. As stated above, Zoya Nina is visibly brown despite it’s darkness in my image. This is two coats – I didn’t have any issues with the application.

Zoya Riley is a magenta based deep vampy red. This is 2 coats.

The difference between Dakota and Riley, for those who are wondering, is that Dakota doesn’t have the magenta undertones. They look very similar in the bottle but they actually are different colors. This swatch is two coats.

I don’t know what it is with this collection but there are 3 pairs of colors that look similar to each other in the bottle but not on the nail. Two pairs I’ve already addressed, the last pair is Zoya Asia and Alix. They look pretty similar in the bottle, but Asia is brighter. Both are true reds. This swatch is 2 coats.

And finally, Zoya Alix, I did have some issues with this one. I had a wonky brush, which was shocking because I love Zoya brushes. I’ve never had a wonky Zoya before. Even when I passionately hated Zoya, I was still a fan of their brushes which are the perfect shape and size for my nails. The brush I got in Alix had a crooked bristle, ultimately it wasn’t a big deal. The wonkiness was easily fixed by just trimming the rogue bristle. The other issue was that Zoya Alix was a little tougher to apply than the other colors in this collection. I didn’t get full coverage at 2 coats and I had a significant amount of cuticle drag. However, a third coat fixed everything to my satisfaction.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Zoya.


14 Responses to “Fall Blitzkrieg: Zoya Vibe Collection Swatches”

  1. Sanna Says:

    Not unique, yes colors we’ve seen before-BUT…they look gorgeous!
    All of them!

  2. Scrangie Says:

    Aw, they all look SO hot on you! I think the only one I ever see myself wearing is Nina. I think I’m having Vampy Overload =/

  3. jasmayer Says:

    There is no such thing as vampy overload, you blasphemers!

    These look gorgeous on you, and I can’t wait to get the ones I ordered…I’d tell you what they were, but I can’t honestly remember. :o

  4. Jsnack Says:

    I too LOVE the deep, rich red cremey vampies. They are my all time forever favorite. These are so gorgeous!

  5. pretear Says:

    Sanna – Totally agree.

    Scrangie – Again, get help… I’m worried.

    Jasmayer – LOL!!!! And thank you. Make sure to post what you think of them when you get them. : )

    Jsnack – Me too! It’s just about all I like to wear on my toes.

  6. Stefanie Says:

    Gorgeous swatches-as always I’m bery envious of your beautiful nails! I’m so happy they finally released a ‘sam’ polish now I can get it for my little sister sam, she’ll love the vampyness too :)

  7. pretear Says:

    Thank you : ). I also love that they name their polishes after girls. I want a ‘Natalia’ for my Mom.

  8. Sminkan Says:

    They look absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to get mine! They are on their way, but it is taking some time… Love both collctions, Pulse and Vibe, and your pictures sends me spinning and shouting! I want them to arrive now, immediately! Can’t wait to try them om my nails!

  9. pretear Says:

    I’m sure you’ll love them! : )

  10. Blackdove724 Says:

    Steph, Steph, Steph,
    I thought I could pass on these colors before. WTG, now I just have to get them. : P

  11. Ponchy Says:

    Hmmm…for someone who does not like reds all that much I am really liking “Dakota”.

  12. Rachell Says:

    i just came across your site…I love it!

  13. Rachell Says:

    I’m such a nail polish addict!!

  14. pretear Says:

    Blackdove – They really are very classic pretty colors.

    Ponchy – You know come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear red. lol.

    Rachell – Thank you! You’re definitely in the right place. : )

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