Fall Blitzkrieg: Color Club Musique Collection Swatches

I know that everyone has been dying to see the new Fall Color Clubs, here they finally are for your viewing pleasure. All and all, Musique is a solid collection. I was expecting some of these to be metallic but they’re actually just really shimmery. Even though these look highly pigmented in the bottle, they actually apply thinly. If you typically do thin coats like I do, these colors are going to be three coaters. However, I don’t think it would be difficult to get opacity in 2 coats if you typically like working with thicker coats.

Color Club Feel the Beat is a burnt orange shimmer. I’d almost say that it’s borderline metallic. ‘Feel the Beat’ is an appropriate name, I’m not really sure why but this color really reminds me of Miami (my home, sweet, home) and Gloria Stefan.

Color Club Slow Jam is a reddish brown with golden shimmer. It’s a redder version of OPI Espresso Your Style. Slow Jam is one of those rare brown shades that actually flatter my skin tone… now, if only I could find a creme brown that did the same. *sigh*

Color Club Groove Thang is dark purple shimmer – oh man, I. love. it. It is definitely the stand out from this collection. I expected to love it even more than I do because Groove Thang is actually a beetle duochrome in the bottle, unfortunately, I couldn’t get the beetle effect to show up on the nail. I’m not giving up though. I merely swatched Groove Thang. It’s possible that as a full mani, completely dry, in non-direct sunlight, I’ll get the beetle effect that I love so much and promptly die from happiness soon thereafter. Since I know this is going to come up, in my opinion, Groove Thang is not dupish to China Glaze Midnight Ride, which has violet shimmer as opposed to dark purple shimmer. I’ll do comparisons soon.

Here’s Groove Thang again, you can almost see the color change, almost.

As usual, my camera is perpetually deficient when photographing purples. Color Club Electronica is more purple than it looks in this swatch. Electronica, with fuchsia flecks and blurple shimmer, seems like a tamer version of OPI Ink. The main difference seems to be amount of glittery shimmer, Ink apparently has chunkier more abundant bling. I sound like a broken record but I’ll do comparisons soon.

Color Club After Hours is a medium charcoal gray with multi-toned silver, red, and green shimmer. The shimmer is very similar to the shimmer in CND Hyde in the Dark but After Hours is darker and has less silver throughout. After Hour is less dark and more shimmery than Misa Dying Love. Comparisons of all these will be up soon. After Hours is a great addition to my nail-breakage-in-mourning collection.

Last but not least, Color Club Velvet Rope, a magenta red with gold shimmer. I, surprisingly, liked this color on myself, which is rare for me as I am not a fan of shimmery reds. I can’t really give you guys much guidance in the way of dupes and comparisons because I really don’t own many shimmery reds. Sooorrrryyy.


Disclosure: This collection was sent to me for review by Color Club.


18 Responses to “Fall Blitzkrieg: Color Club Musique Collection Swatches”

  1. Masa_inn Says:

    I want just one color from this collection – GT – but it’s a real fat lemming :)

    Thank you so much for wonderful swatches!

  2. gymnastgirly Says:

    Lovely pics – they confirmed that I picked the right ones to put on my w/l from your bottle pics :)

  3. Sminkan Says:

    Wow! they all look great! I think Color Club will finally find its way into my collection! I think I want them all except Feel the Beat. Orange s not my color…

  4. Sanna Says:

    Oh wow, look how pretty they are!
    Slow Jam, Groove Thang and Velvet Rope and…god, they’re so pretty!- And best of all- they’re CHEAP!!:D

  5. Stefanie Says:

    What a great collection- thanks for the swatches! Slow Jam is a definite for me, I’ve always wished Esspresso Your Style was a little more red :)

  6. pretear Says:

    Masa – GT is really gorgeous, I like it a lot.

    GG – : ) Glad to be of help.

    Sminkan – You really have no Color Clubs? lol they’re one of my favorite brands – and if you dislike oranges definitely check out Color Club Sexsea, I think it will change your mind, it’s in my top 20 colors of all time.

    Sanna – Exactly lol.

    Stefanie – If you wanted EYS to be redder then SJ was made for you.

  7. rocketqueen Says:

    WOW! That is gorgeous! I adore Feel the Beat, I might invite it home soon! I’m wearing Zoya Freja and CND Black platinum today, feeling that After Hours it tempting me extra much! Yum!

  8. andie Says:

    steph – have you tried OPI Suzi Says Da for a brown creme? I have that one and it is a darkened brown creme that seems to flatter my skin – and i remember you saying you were olive toned (me 2) – otherwise RBL’s Au Chocolat…which i’m still saving up for bcuz of scrangie’s pix (=

  9. pretear Says:

    Rocketqueen – you know I’m a dork so I own every grayish charcoal color ever lol, After Hours looks a bit like CND HitD but I think collectors should have both. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

    Andie – I actually skipped out on Suzi Says Da, I’ll have to look into it – but RBL Au Chocolat has been one of my lemmings for a while too lol.

  10. Traci Says:

    when will this collection come out? i’m totally in love with Groove Thang!

  11. pretear Says:

    Traci – This collection is supposed to be out already I’m not sure why it’s taking so long for the e-tailers to pick it up.

  12. jenny Says:

    I just found your blog today. yah! I love all the pretty colors you have. I was wondering where can I purchase The Color Club nail polishes? I dont think I’ve seen them around. I like the glitter pack one!

  13. pretear Says:

    You can get Color Club from head2toebeauty.com and 8ty8beauty.com… these collections should be up really soon. : )

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  17. zahra Says:

    How the price of this product

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