And the Fall Bombardment Continues: Zoya Vibe & Pulse Collection Teasers

I’ll have to reserve judgment for when I see these in person, but mmm I suspect I will love the vampy goodness.

(larger image)

(larger image)


9 Responses to “And the Fall Bombardment Continues: Zoya Vibe & Pulse Collection Teasers”

  1. Tink @ Says:

    Fame catches my attention. The whole Pulse collex looks very eye catching.

  2. Sminkan Says:

    Both collections look great! Love the purples! Hard to resist a vampy nail polish, isn’t it!

  3. andie Says:

    i can’t wait for these! thanks for sharing updates as always!
    does misa and zoya send you these directly? that is so cool lucky girl! (=

  4. pretear Says:

    Tink – Agreed. I love metallics – especially vampies.

    Sminkan – Very hard. lol.

    Andie – Yes and no lol. They send these promotional images as mass mailings to all the “press”. Misa recently started a program for bloggers where they send you a few bottles of polish every month for review. So you’ll see more of their stuff online now. : )

  5. andie Says:

    agh! i think i’m going for the plunge, i can’t wait for swatches haha did you order yours today?

  6. pretear Says:

    I think mine were sent yesterday. I’ll have swatches up asap. : )

  7. andie Says:

    *deep breath*
    ok i’ll wait, i need to take a breather… test of patience (=haha
    Thanks so much Steph!
    Can’t say it enough, really appreciate your blog ^.^

  8. Scrangie Says:

    These look really good. I love dark colors. But, that may or may not change once I see them in person! Actually, I want the matching lipglosses!

  9. pretear Says:

    Andie – : ) Glad to be of service.

    Scrangie – I was kind of thinking that too but I have my one HG lip gloss and no matter how many others I try, I just keep going back to it. lol.

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