Upcoming OPI Collection Promo Pics (Holiday in Toyland, Halloween, France Collection)

I know all the other polish blogs have already done this post. : ( I went fishing in the land that time forgot (no wifi or net) with the old boy this weekend and missed all the excitement but here’s my take on it anyway.

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Pretty standard Halloween collection for OPI. I’ll probably pass on this one since previous years have had non-functioning glow-in-the-dark polishes. The red, black, and orange are pretty run of the mill. Halloween is the best holiday EVER. C’mon with the halloweeny creativity OPI. : \

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Hmmm… not impressed by the France Collection. This really looks like more of the same: some boring pinks/reds and some almost-blacks. Although, I admit, it’s really hard to tell whether a collection will be good or not just from the promotional images. The plums look slightly promising. I’ll reserve judgment for when I see these in person.

UPDATE: Swatches of La Collection de France.

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I’m very excited for the Holiday in Toyland Collection. There is a pale grey, a dark silver, a shimmery charcoal, and a blue (always, always, a plus). OPI is still giving us about a half million reds but since the collection is presumably toting at least 4 unique colors, I won’t complain.

(Of course, I’ll probably just admire these from afar because I’m on a serious no-buy since pop-dukes lost his job.)

UPDATE: Here are swatches of the Holiday Collection, part I and part II.

Thanks to kschmiddy for letting me steal these pictures. : )


8 Responses to “Upcoming OPI Collection Promo Pics (Holiday in Toyland, Halloween, France Collection)”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    I didn’t know they had promo pics this early for the fall collections! Thanks for sharing them.

    The France collection does look like the same old, same old. The only polishes that really interest me are the first two purples on the top row and that corally color at the end of the top row. But as you said, you never know until you see it in person. I hope OPI surprises us again like they did with the India collection.

    At least the colors actually remind me of France. :o)

  2. Brookiebaby0506 Says:

    Halloween has got to be the best holiday of the whole year!! I love it love it love it!!

    Loving those purples! I saw a pic of Rhianna wearing a purple color a couple of months ago and have tried to find something similar, and have failed. By the pic, the darker purple looks like it could be a winner!

  3. Tink Says:

    What a bummer about the Halloween collection. I am sure some had hopes of them bringing back Boo Berry.

    BTW you’ve been tagged on my blog. Check out a post around June 11th for more details.

  4. kb Says:

    I just got my Yes I Can-Can and I’m so disappointed! It looks EXACTLY like Lincoln Park After Dark… the slight shimmer is the only difference. :(

  5. pretear Says:

    Booo! I don’t have the Francies yet but I’ve heard there are a few dupes in them thar hills. : (

  6. Jennyfur Says:

    Since I’m such a huge Halloween nut, I doubt that I’ll be passing up OPI’s Halloween set.

    In my opinion, the India collection was superb in so many ways — the France one is just “eh.” I got a chance to see it in person yesterday (and today), and I wasn’t exactly doing backflips. I did not like anything that I saw in that particular collection, and that included the purples, as well as that brownish-gray atrocity in the center — nothing stood out. The only color that I found attractive was a Oui Bit Of Red. Nothing to write home about, though.

  7. pretear Says:

    I actually, shockingly, really like the France Collection – a few colors are meh but most I really love.

  8. Azucar Says:

    Whoa! What is that charcoal shade in the Holiday collection?????? I know I had a color like that from OPI in the late 90s because I wore it all the time in college and no one liked it at all. I just loved it to bits. I cannot wait to get my hands on that!!

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