Misa – Indescribable: Indescribably Disappointing

Misa – Indescribable is a dainty off white that leans towards pink, very chic. This color looks *beautiful* in the bottle. I can’t say the same for the end result on the nail. Misa Indescribable was fairly streaky so I had to resort to using Barielle Camo as a base. That helped a bit but not enough. It took about 4 coats to even out correctly. The color was really pretty for about a day, then the color started to darken – as if the polish was actually picking up dirt or something. I started off with an attractive (although difficult to apply) pinkish off white and ended up with a greyish yellowish off white. I had high hopes but this polish did not meet my expectations, very disappointing. (I apologize it seems like a lot of my opinions lately have been really negative.) To be fair, other people seem to really like Misa Indescribable so I don’t want to flat out say that I don’t recommend it. It’s entirely possible that someone else will have better luck with it than I did. If you own it, what do you think?


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  1. Katherine Says:

    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your swatches and don’t mind at all if your personal opinion of any color is negative, no need to apologize. In fact it’s a very refreshing change from a lot of blogs in which the only reviews are glowing or endorsed! I am picky myself and usually go through a lot of colors of a certain type (IE sheer pinks, white creams etc) that I don’t like until I find one that is perfect for me. Keep up the good work!

  2. pretear Says:

    Thank you so much. : ) I do worry about the overly negative tone my blog seems to take sometimes, so I’m really glad that it doesn’t deter you from reading – I hope other people feel the same way. <3

  3. Brookiebaby0506 Says:

    Those light colors never look good on me. It looks good on you though.

    I second Katherine’s comment. Even if everything you blog about isn’t a good review, at least we know what to avoid!

  4. Tink Says:

    I think most people welcome honest reviews. I know I sure do!

    That is disappointed as Misa usually has a much better quality. Still it is nice to know to avoid that color.

  5. hercorner Says:

    I like your blog… And I’ve been thinking about applying this kind of color too… And a lot of other swatches in this blog are great! I love nail polish! But, I tend to buy the cheap ones cos I just wanna keep changing the colors on my nails…hehehe… Thanks

  6. Gamzu Says:

    Could you please tell me the difference in nail laquer and nail polish? Is there a visible difference?


  7. pretear Says:

    There is no difference the terms are interchangeable. : )

  8. diann_co Says:

    I love the color but found it a touch streaky. May dd in some glitter on my own

  9. pretear Says:

    Next time I wear it, I’m probably going to add a few drops of thinner along with using Barielle Camo as a base – see if that works any better. Misa contacted me and told me they were going to try to improve the formula on this one. I hope they do because it really is an excellent color.

  10. diann_co Says:

    This one is a great color but applied streaky on me. I may franken in some glitter to make it less noticeable

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