Comparison Swatches: Neon Purples

In my infinite nail polish nerdiness, I somehow ended up three neon purple polishes. Well, four actually, I didn’t include China Glaze Flying Dragon in the comparison because it’s unique enough that everyone should own it, regardless of whether one owns other neon purples. The image above is misleading, Color Club Power Play and New York Summer Super Violet aren’t as magentish in person as they are in the picture and both look very similar to Zoya Juicy in the bottle. My favorite of the three is definitely Power Play. It only took 2 coats to get bottle color, while the other colors took 3+ coats. Super Violet is a close second. Both

Super Violet and Power Play are high quality and incredibly affordable. My personal opinion is that they are similar enough that owning both is probably not justifiable. Juicy is meh… but of course, I’m biased because I’m predisposed to disliking Zoya. It is no surprise that I was not impressed by Juicy.

These swatches are in direct sunlight. New York Summer Super Violet took 3 coats, Color Club Power Play took 2 coats, Zoya Juicy took 4 coats (note the cuticle drag). All these colors dry somewhat matte so I also added a layer of Color Club Vivid top coat.

Which color do you guys like best? Do you have a favorite neon purple not mentioned here?


5 Responses to “Comparison Swatches: Neon Purples”

  1. Scrangie Says:

    Have you seen Sinful Dream On? You may like that one. There’s a really awesome Orly one that I love and can’t remember the name of at the moment. Purple Crush? Maybe I made that up… I’ll have to go look.

  2. Tiger Says:

    I love Juicy in the bottle… but on the nail, it’s a nightmare. It took me seven coats to get it as opaque as I wanted it. SEVEN! And by then, it was almost black. No, next time, I’m getting Zoya Lael.

  3. tink Says:

    Zoya Charisma is almost an exact dupe for Power Play. Thanks for posting b/c i hated the Zoya & love the CC.

  4. Ashley P. Says:

    I love them all. The colour of Zoya Juicy is very nice and close to the actual colour I’m desperately trying to find. It’s called New York Summer #20 in Violet, not sure if it’s the same thing as super violet. Does anyone know where I can find it? What site or store (in Toronto)?

  5. pretear Says:

    Scrangie – I some how missed replying to all you guys. I haven’t seen Dream On but let me know if you ever figure out the purple orly lol.

    Tiger – Yeeeeeea. It took me 4 and I still had drag. I think it would have been okay with 5 but that’s a ton of coats.

    Tink – You know, I have Charisma and didn’t even notice that. Lol.

    Ashley P. – The only place that I know of that sells NYC is but I’m not sure they ship to Canada. : (

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