Essie Body Language vs. OPI Moon Over Mumbai

These colors belong to collections (OPI Indian Collection and Essie In the Mood Collection, respectively) that came out roughly at the same time. Since these colors were among the first light grays on the easily accessible market, they are often compared to each other. As I told you guys before, I’ve been working at the State Attorney’s Office so I’ve been dipping into my professional-looking nail polish colors. However, we were discussing here last week whether gray nail polish can be acceptable in a professional environment – I decided to test my hypothesis. I wore Body Language today to court. First, no one cared about my nail polish, which is in no way surprising and completely expected. Second, Body Language looks NOTHING like OPI Moon Over Mumbai. Essie Body Language looks more like a creme grayed-out ultra light pink, almost like what I would expect Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge to look like. OPI Moon Over Mumbai is a true light gray with very subtle shimmer, dupish to Essie Great Expectations which is also from the In The Mood Collection. I had a tough time with the application of both polishes, so one isn’t superior to the other in that aspect. Moon Over Mumbai is ultra streaky. My bottle of Body Language was really thick so it was difficult to even out coats. (Yes, I know, I should thin it, but I’m still a little scared of thinners.) This image is a good representation of what the color looks like even though it was taken in the shade. Sadly, I’m getting home from work too late to take day time pics – I promise, I’m working on it.

Below is Moon Over Mumbai and Body Language juxtaposed. The images were taken in different lighting at different times but both are accurate depictions of the colors.

Finally, here are the two bottles.


10 Responses to “Essie Body Language vs. OPI Moon Over Mumbai”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Both of these polishes look great! I wore a pale blue color this week to my first week of work. No one really commented or even really looked at my nails. At least we don’t have to sacrifice colors just because we have jobs!

  2. Scrangie Says:

    They both look fab on you. Your nails are so perfect.

  3. Denier Says:

    I think I need the Essie. Thank you for the nice comparison :)

  4. N. Says:

    I will help you overcome your fear of thinner!!!!!!!! You must….it is good stuff. And a little definitely goes a long way.

  5. Ericka Says:

    Application of both look great! I absolutely love my Essie Body Language….it’s very neutral but at the same time unique and clean looking!

  6. Clear Says:

    I bought my first OPI nail polish just yesterday, and I immediately fell for Moon over Mumbai. I must say I really like the subtle, light-gray look. I like the fact that it’s a completely cold colour, no hint of pink or purple in it, and I prefer it over Body Language. The only thing I don’t like was the fact that it’s still quite transparent – I had to put several layers and still it didn’t look as intense as on your pictures. :(
    Please tell me you have fake nails, they’re beautiful… (I think next time I’ll just start off with a white coat first, and then continue with Moon over Mumbai).

  7. pretear Says:

    This picture was taken with 4 coats of MoM and 1 coat of Barielle Nail Camo… that’s probably why it looks so opaque. And no, my nails are real, but thank you very much. : )

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  9. tigra144 Says:

    Your application of Body Language is superb! Do you have any recommendations for me? I own this color and cant wear it on my short nails cause it gives me troubles to apply it evenly near cuticle. Do you have by any chance on you blog a tutorial how to apply polishes?

  10. Steph Says:

    : ( Sorry, no I don’t. Only because application is really something that comes with practice. I recommend having a good table to do it at. A lot of girls paint their nails without having a stable place to rest their hand and elbows, lol, I don’t know how they do it.

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