OPI Mod About Brights Swatches

I want to be able to show you guys the whole OPI Mod About Brights collection but I decided against getting the entire collection. I think all the colors are worth owning. I just happen to have a lot of pinks and oranges so buying That’s Hot Pink, Brights Power, and Mod-ern Girl would be redundant for me. One of the girls on the nail board discovered that That’s Hot Pink is a dupe to Don’t Know… Beets Me, which I own. Scrangie has swatches of the colors that I’m not posting so check them out on her blog.

All these swatches are 3 coats of color. I tried to get bottle color in 2 coats, it’s really impossible. These colors aren’t jellies, but they are very translucent. Which is strange because they look really pigmented in the bottle. All these colors are extremely glossy even without top coat. The application was great on all of them, my only complaint is that there is something seriously wrong with the quality control of OPI’s brushes. Several people complained about the brushes from the Indian collection having loose, cracked, and uneven bristles. My bottle of The “It” Color had a slanted brush – What’s going on OPI?

The “It” Color is really unique, not exactly mustard but dirtier than true yellow. This color is special. It seems so high fashion to me, I feel it isn’t meant for day to day wear.

I didn’t love Green-wich Village when I first tried it, but it grew on me after wearing it for a few days. It might be dupish to Carolyn New York Greenwich Avenue, I’ll do a comparison soon.

Dating A Royal is my favorite from this collection. Seriously beautiful – if you love blues you *need* this color.


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  1. Scrangie Says:

    Those look absolutely *perfect* on you- especially The “It” Color! Looks like lemons. =)

  2. pretear Says:

    Thank you! : ) and it does lol.

  3. Jessica Says:

    I cant WAIT til mine get here in the mail!!
    So glad I chose at last minute to go with Dating a Royal over Green-which village.
    Im just loving your blog polish addict!

  4. pretear Says:

    : ) I’m glad you like it. <3

  5. Shanalana Says:

    I bought these colors 3 times and sold out each time. So now I own a personal stash. This is by far the best set of colors OPI has made in sometime now!

  6. pretear Says:

    Yes I love them. I wish I could wear them more often. : )

  7. Emma Says:

    They’re soooo nice!
    I’m from the Netherlands and they don’t sell OPI here :(
    But I want to try ordering them on Ebay, and I want to order OPI Don’t know…Beets me! So could you maybe show a picture of that one? That would be very nice!
    I love your blog, I visit it almost every day, and surprisingly (EHUM!), I’m buying 3 times as much nailpolishes since I visit your blog… ;)

  8. pretear Says:

    I’ll try to post about this color for you very soon.

  9. :) Says:

    How much does OPI cost?

  10. Steph Says:

    Anywhere from $4.50 to $9.00. I think they retail for $8.50.

  11. :) Says:

    what currency is that in?

  12. Steph Says:

    $ = American Dollar.

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  14. maddie Says:

    I love that yellow! I just got my toes done in the OPI I need sunglasses yellow but it was too light so the lady put on this other yellow that is kind of squash. I wish they had that The it color!

  15. Haseeb Says:

    Dear Team,
    I want to buy this Mustard yellow nail polish, kindly please suggest from where i can buy it online.

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  18. Ana Says:

    “It” seems like a perfect yellow and Dating a Royal like a perfect royal blue.

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