Neon Nail Polish is It This Summer

China Glaze did it first with the Ink Collection. Nubar has the Get Hot collection, Color Club has the Flower Power collection, even Essie ventured away from nudes and pinks to do a mini collection, Neon Shorts, this summer.

Neon is definitely not in everyone’s nail polish comfort zone. If you want to ease yourself into this trend, try wearing a neon orange or red similar to the one Rihanna is wearing in this picture. (look for Color Club – Sexsea or China Glaze – Japanese Koi)

Those of you who want to go all out neon, like Rihanna’s nails in picture below, try China Glaze – Celtic Sun.

If having neon nails is something you want to look into but you aren’t sure whether you’ll like it, don’t pour tons of money into it by purchasing expensive brands. Instead, take a trip to your local drug store. This trend has already been picked up by the less expensive brands. Sinful Colors, a mainstay at Walgreens and a very excellent inexpensive brand, has just released their neon collection. If you have a Claire’s Icing at your local mall, go pick up their recently released neon five pack.

I love neon. Were it not for my summer internship with the State Attorney’s Office, I would never take these colors off – but I know it’s not for everyone. What do you guys think about it, are you going to rock the neon this summer? If yes, what are your favorite colors?


3 Responses to “Neon Nail Polish is It This Summer”

  1. Tamika Says:

    yesssss especially pink all flavors of juicy pink it stands out on all my pictures I tend to get my nails and toes to match it looks polished,clean and is a must have for all glamour girls next color I will try is peach I get a fill and pedicure every 2 weeks all year around and every week in between i do color changes I love being a girl from the pedis and mani’s to the flowing hair,sun kissed skin and sexy stilettos~muah~

  2. shaionda12 Says:

    I LOVE NEON NAIL I had painted my nails Bright neon kinda looks like slim but brighter.I don’t just wear it in the summer I wear neon nail polish all seasons.

  3. tessa Says:

    I LOVE neon nail polish, I probably have 10 of them. I love ChG Neon Flying Dragon, it’s like a deep neon purple.

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