*Exact* Dupes: Zoya Yummy and OPI Just Groovy

My biggest nail polish pet peeve is accidentally buying a color that is similar to another color I already have. I can’t even say that these colors are similar. They are EXACT DUPLICATES of each other.

My initial reaction was frustration. I was warned by the ladies at MUA that these were close to each other but I didn’t listen. I just didn’t think they would be this close. For several reasons, my next thought was to swap the Zoya and keep the OPI. One reason being that I passionately hate Zoya. My hatred began the day I hauled from Zoya. I bought 8 or so colors. Of those, Zoya Suvi and Kotori from the Downtown Collection, I hated so much I had to swap them. Both colors took 4 coats and they looked cheap with my skin tone. The other color was Zoya Stephanie, as my namesake, I felt I had to buy it. I love the color. It’s a very light pink, almost white but it too took four coats to be even and opaque. It was an ungodly streak-fest to apply. After that disappointment I put myself on a Zoya no-buy and constantly preach the anti-Zoya gospel to anyone who will listen. The running joke on MUA is that Zoya killed my family and I became Catwoman. (Polish fumes kill brain cells. : D)

OPI, on the other hand, is my love. I mean really, OPI is my bread and butter. I spend my nights and days dreaming little OPI dreams – jonesing for the next collection, scouring the depths of the internet nail polish underworld and hole-in-the-wall beauty shops for coveted discontinueds. (Just Groovy was recently discontinued, more reason to keep it.) At least that’s how I felt until recently. Lately, OPI has been dropping the ball. Since OPI changed their formula to big 3 free, quality has been all over the place. The India collection is bleh, same colors – different names, nothing new or exciting.

But still my loyalty is with OPI so I thought for sure I would be keeping Just Groovy, no contest…

then I did the swatches. Wow, was I surprised. These swatches are without basecoat and topcoat. Both polishes were streaky, Zoya slightly less so. Both needed 3 coats to even out. OPI was really chalky, really tough to apply. I also prefer Zoya’s brush to OPI’s pro-wide. The finish on Yummy was a little more glossy than Just Groovy. Both polishes separate easily in the bottle. There is a very very slight difference in color – but it’s not in any way noticeable even to the MUA nail-board eye.

What now?… I’ve heard horror stories about Zoya’s wear, like chips within hours of application (I don’t know first hand because I always end up removing Zoyas almost immediately) but I had a really tough time with Just Groovy’s application.

So I decided to wear Yummy on my left hand and Just Groovy on my right hand to see what’s what. For the actual mani, I used Barielle Camo as the base which completely fixed Yummy’s streakiness but seemed to actually make Just Groovy *more* streaky. Seche Vite fixed the unevenness that I got with both colors after applying 3 coats. I’ll post in a few days with the results.


7 Responses to “*Exact* Dupes: Zoya Yummy and OPI Just Groovy”

  1. Scrangie Says:

    Ouch, poor Zoya! LOL

    I love Zoya, they just take an absurd amount of time to dry.

  2. Love8Brain Says:

    I knew it was true about Zoya killing your Family, and you becoming Catwoman! You have wicked hate for Zoya! But this new OPI formula and their new brush!? Ick! And the nail polish only kills the brain cells you don’t need. :) Maybe. Great post. :_

  3. reader.rita Says:

    I found that the thing that makes Zoya more bulletproof is to use their basecoat and topcoat… wicked clever, aren’t they? But it DOES seem to work. In fact, I really like their basecoat and topcoat with any 3 free polish. I know I’m not exactly popular with my pro-Zoya vibe, but I really do like it.
    But I just got Nubar’s base and top coats, so we’ll see if I change my mind. Zoya’s takes forever to dry!
    And in the comparison shot, is it my imagination, or does the OPI “Just Groovy” look darker? Is it the angle? At any rate, I love both colors…
    (and p.s.-I am writing this in November, and we miss you! But we know you must be ultra busy with career, etc. Congrats again on the bar!)

  4. Emma Says:

    I love this post! I am not a huge fan of Zoya although I do prefer their brush over OPI’s. In this case, I would have to say that the Zoya nails looks better. I love that colour.

  5. morgan Says:

    @scrangie you should definitely invest in the color lock system from zoya. it makes it dry faster.

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